10 Best Feminist Quotes From Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has become a classic, and while there is currently no news on another series to follow A Year In The Life, fans keep coming back to the original. Despite the fact that the series mostly deals with relationship troubles, the series also tackles compelling mother-daughter relationships and genuine female friendships.

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There are incredible life lessons. Every women in the show strives to achieve their goals. Lorelei runs a business while raising Rory as a single mother, which she is empowering in itself. And Rory chases her dreams to get into Harvard. These moments have brought some of the most feminist quotes in the show.


Rory Thanks Her Mother At Her High School Graduation

“My Mother Never Gave Me Any Idea That I Couldn’t Do Whatever I Wanted To Do Or Be Whomever I Wanted To Be.”

Rory and Lorelei touring Harvard

fan of Gilmore Girls know just how close Rory and Lorelei are. They are best friends. Rory takes a moment to thank her mother most of all at her at the end of her high school graduation speech. she knows her mother raised her right and let her be exactly who she could be. This is a grand-tear-jerking moment.

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Lorelei and Rory spend many times speaking so highly of one another. But this quote is the best because Lorelei has been able to provide for Rory on her own, for the most part. Raising Rory as her own person is very important to Lorelei. She knows being independent is crucial because she strives to be independent, especially from her parents. And Rory did all the hard work by knowing exactly what she wanted and went for it.

Lorelei Tells Rory School Is Most Important

“Guys Are Always Going To Be There. This School Isn’t. It’s More Important. It Has To Be More Important.”

Lorelei and Rory sit while Rory reads

Lorelei is incredibly excited for Rory for getting into Chilton. She sets her pride aside to even ask her parents to help pay for the tuition. However, when Rory meets Dean at Stars Hollow High, she has a reason to not go. Lorelei tells Rory that she worked really hard to get into this prestigious school and she has to put her eduction as her number one priority.

Lorelei knows the ambition that Rory has and only wants the best for her daughter. Being able to put aside any distraction and go for her goals is empowering and inspirational to the fans of the show. In the end, Lorelei knows that education is far more validating and rewarding. And going to Chilton became one of Rory’s best decisions. And it’s one of the rare moments that Lorelei gets serious, so the audience knows she means business.

Rory Embodies Donna Reed

“She Was An Uncredited Producer And Director On Her TV Show, Which Made Her One Of The First Woman TV Executives.”

Rory dressed as a 50's housewife

One of the shows Rory and Lorelei enjoy is called The Donna Reed Show. The topics in this series spark conversations about gender roles when Rory invites Dean over to watch. Dean appreciates women who cook and clean because he was brought up that way. However, Rory and Lorelei disagree with the notion.

Ultimately, Rory understands that Donna Reed was not someone defined as a housewife and realizes that she is an incredible woman with a range of accomplishments. This is one of the best quotes because Rory educates not only Dean, but herself. She realizes that embodying her is every way of paying homage. Rory learns a lot in this moment and grows to be more mindful.

Richard Defends Lorelei

“A Mutual Mistake Was Made Many Years Ago By These Two.”

Richard talks to Lorelei

Richard and Christoper’s father, Straub, get into a heated argument about Lorelei getting pregnant with Rory. Straub believes it was all her fault for getting pregnant at 16. He believes Christoper ruined the family name.

It is, however, Richard who stands up for Lorelei and proclaims that both of them made this “mistake” and it was not just one person that resulted in Rory being born. This is a surprisingly empowering moment for Lorelei and her father because she spent a lot of her time resenting the ways she felt he belittled her. And now, Richard stands by his daughter and sees her. He knows that it took two to have a baby.

Paris Wants To Be Remembered

“I Want To Live My Life So That I’ll Be Able To Read An In-Depth Biography About Myself In Later Years And Not Puke.”

Paris talking near a board

fan of Gilmore Girls know just how passionate and hard-working Paris Geller is. She is always determined to be the best and she’s sure of herself that she will rise to the top. There are many moments in the series where she is humbled and vulnerable which is why she is relative.

Rory usually questions her methods, but Paris has an explanation for everything, even in this moment. Paris knows that it would be ideal for her to look back at her accomplishments and be proud. Paris did a lot of hard work and she owns her achievements, which is why this is a feminist quote and moment for her. Overall, there are many life lessons to learn from Paris.

Trix Admires Lorelei’s Work Ethic

“Hard Work Is Good For A Woman…Makes Her Stronger.”

Trix sits in a chair and looks off screen

When Richard’s Mother, Trix has many opinions. She values ​​knowing what Lorelei has been up to and whether or not she is a hard-working woman. Fans know just how important Lorelei’s job is. Trix is ​​impressed with Lorelei despite the fact that there is scandal surrounding Lorelei’s past.

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Lorelei still respects her Grandmother even with her high expectations. Lorelei has always been known to be headstrong and confident in achieving her goals. And she ends up owning her own Inn in season 4. This quote sticks out because Trix admirers how Lorelei approaches her business.

Lorelei Gives A Little Girl Insight Into What Women Are Truly Capable Of

“And They Go In Heels.”

Rory and Lorelei are dancing at the dance marathon

When Lorelei and Sookie plan a children’s birthday party, Lorelei is bombarded with the chaos of keeping the children calm. a little girl approaches her and is upset that only the boys go on adventures in the movie, Lord of the Rings.

However, Lorelei convinces the little girl that women and girls are capable of doing dangerous things as well. Women can do the hard things even wearing high heels. This is a surprisingly feminist quote from Lorelei since she usually brushes things off as a joke. However, in this moment she takes a step to encourage the girl to understand.

Richard Wants The Best For Rory

“She Has More To Do, More To Be!”

Richard and Rory play golf

When Rory drops out of Yale her world comes spiraling down. She is on the outs with Lorelei and lives with Emily and Richard. Things don’t go the way Richard expected. He reaches out to Lorelei and admits all he wants is the best for Rory.

He knows she’s capable of greatness and he knows she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. He always believed that and he proves that with one of his wisest quotes in Gilmore Girls.

Emily Tells Lorelei She Is A Ski

“You Provide For Yourself…You’re Independent.”

Lorelei and Emily sit and cheers their glasses together

Emily is feeling hopeless when it comes to Richard and she tells Lorelei that she has always felt like her life was like a canoe. She felt as though she and Richard had been paddling together, but now he decided to let go of the paddles. She is feeling hopeless without his ambition. She knew she was always going to be a mother and take care of her husband.

However, she also notes that Lorelei isn’t like this. She is capable of holding herself up and being independent. This was a time where Emily was right. Emily usually does n’t admit that Lorelei has made a good life for herself, so this moment is very touching and embraces the feminism in Lorelei’s life decisions.

Rory Tells Dean The History Of Her Name

“She Named Me After Herself. She Was Lying In The Hospital Thinking About How Men Name Boys After Themselves All The Time. Why Couldn’t Women?”

Rory smiles while holding a pen

When Rory meets Dean for the first time, he is interested in Rory’s name. Fans know that she was named Lorelei, which is her mother’s name. Lorelei thinks outside the box by naming her daughter after herself in the best way. It is the best introduction and history of Rory’s name.

It is empowering to know that young Lorelei decided to do that. Ultimately, the fact that Lorelei named her daughter after herself is very on brand for her and very feminist of her as well.

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