10 Best Gifts for Virgos

Virgo season is upon us. From August 23 through September 22, we celebrate the birthdays of our Virgo friends, including Beyonce (September 4), Prince Harry (September 14) and Idris Elba (September 2). They are ruled by the element of earth, and born under Mercury, which makes them grounded and practical people who tend toward perfectionism.

As you can see from that very short list of famous Virgos, they are creative and musical, but they also make good leaders (like Mother Teresa—August 26), are excellent writers and are very into health, nutrition and exercise. Virgos are also great in the kitchen, like chefs Rachel Ray (August 25), Katie Lee (September 14), and Michael Symon (September 19), to name a few.

With such a wide variety of interests and skill sets, it can be difficult to narrow down the perfect gift for the Virgos in your life. So to make the easier, we’ve compiled a list of products we think will suit even the pickiest of these fall babies to help you make the best choice in birthday gifts this month.

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Best Gifts for Virgo Women

Virgo women have got it all—they’re intelligent, organized and driven women who know how to get things done. These women are also creative, so they’re rare people who can combine their brilliance from both sides of their brain—the artistic side and the logical side. Virgo women are writers, musicians and creators, and they do it all in an organized and effective manner. An earth sign, they thrive with thoughtful gifts that are related to nature.

Jurlique Calming Shower Gel, $24 on Amazon

Lavender is a soothing fragrance that is perfect for winding down after a long day and it has properties that relax the body and mind, making for a restful sleep. This shower gel is an excellent addition to any Virgo’s routine, as it leaves the skin soft and supple with just the hint of lavender. We like the scent, which isn’t overpowering but calming, and the body wash offers improved hydration for our sometimes dry skin. For the ultimate in soft skin, pair it with the Calming Body Lotion. Jurlique Calming Shower Gel, $24 on Amazon

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Leather Journal Notebook, $24.95 on Amazon

leather journal notebook

Your creative Virgo friends will love this thoughtfully produced leather notebook, made with cotton paper that is built from recycled garment industry cloth from India. In addition to being the perfect place to write down thoughts or draw, a portion of the profits from this journal goes to Tehila.org, an organization based in Africa working to create safer environments for children. It comes with a silver ballpoint pen and an easy-to-wrap presentation box. Leather Journal Notebook, $24.95 on Amazon

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. by Brene Brown, $13.43 (Originally $28) on Amazon

Dare to Lead book by Brene Brown

Brené Brown is a leading researcher on emotion and shame, and has created the perfect book for good leaders who want to be great leaders. This book is all about building up those around you in order to develop the potential in others, whether in the workplace or in family or friend groups. Virgos are natural leaders with excellent nurturing sides and will appreciate Brown’s frank and funny writing style, as well as the tools for becoming the great leaders they are born to be. We used many of her ideas in some tough management positions, and were encouraged by the results. “Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.” by Brene Brown, $13.43 (Originally $28) on Amazon

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Theragun PRO Deep Tissue Massage Gun, $599 on Amazon

Theragun Pro

As health and wellness enthusiasts, Virgos are always working to make sure they’re healthy and strong. Theragun helps on those days muscles are sore from workouts or general living, with six different attachments to target specific music recovery needs and multiple impact levels. It’s like having a professional sports massage therapist in your own home working to eliminate your pain and stress. Theragun PRO Deep Tissue Massage Gun, $599 on Amazon

OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set, $54.99 on Amazon

Storage container set

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We know great organization tools when we see them, and Virgos appreciate things in their right place, so this set of OXO’s POP containers makes our hearts sing for our Virgo friends. The lids are airtight with the press of a button, which will keep food products like pasta, flour, sugar or candy safe, secure, and fresh. They’re dishwasher safe and BPA-free, and OXO contributes 1% of annual sales to environmental non-profit organizations. OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set, $54.99 on Amazon

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Best Gifts for Virgo Men

Like Virgo women, men born under Mercury are also organized, neat and tidy. They love luxury around the house, in the bath and in the kitchen. They’re gourmands who appreciate caviar more than cookouts most of the time. They love conversations about things that matter, and strive toward perfection in all things.

MARLOWE No. 102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap Pack of 3, $25.99 (Originally $27.99) on Amazon

Marlowe body scrub soap bar

This exfoliating soap from MARLOWE is good for your skin and good for the environment. The delicious soap is paraben and phthalate free, the packaging is made from recycled paper and it’s made in the USA. Available in three scents— original fresh, santal, or oud wood—the bar is powered by pumice which exfoliates away dry skin, leaving it smooth, soft and clean. It’s also a pretty hefty-sized bar at seven ounces, and reviewers love how long it lasts. MARLOWE No. 102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap Pack of 3, $25.99 (Originally $27.99) on Amazon

iRobot Roomba i3 EVO Robot Vacuum, $299 (Originally $349) on Amazon

irobot roomba i3 evo

Virgos are neat and tidy people. They like things in order, and they like their living spaces clean. However, they’re usually really busy, important people, so an iRobot Roomba vacuum makes a great gift. Their floors will always be clean, and this model works in tiny rows that appeal to neat people around the globe. The i3 pays close attention to the dirtier spots of the room and spends more time and effort cleaning those areas. It even connects to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so your favorite Virgo can vacuum without looking up from their important business. iRobot Roomba i3 EVO Robot Vacuum, $299 (Originally $349) on Amazon

LEPONIX Safety Razor Shaving Kit, $25.97 on Amazon

shaving kit for men

Proper shaving is skincare, and since skin is the largest organ in the body, Virgos know it needs to be handled delicately. This seven-piece kit from Leponix has everything needed for a close and comfortable shave, including pre-shave oil, sandalwood shaving cream with an applicator brush, a safety razor with blade refills and an after-shave balm to soothe skin. It all fits neatly into a soft carrying bag. LEPONIX Safety Razor Shaving Kit, $25.97 on Amazon

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Brobantle Battle Ropes, $72.99 on Amazon

Workout rope

Weighted workout ropes are showing up in gyms everywhere, and as a health and wellness enthusiast, your Virgo wants the best in equipment. This set includes a weighted rope covered in durable polyester so it’s suitable for use indoors and out, plus anchoring equipment, gloves, sweat towels and straps that vary the workout. Reviewers love that this set is perfect for both beginners and accomplished athletes, plus it’s easy to set up and works out the entire body. Brobantle Battle Ropes, $72.99 on Amazon

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Men’s Messenger Bag, $39.99 (Originally $69.99) on Amazon

messenger bag

Virgos enjoy having a place for everything, and this beautiful leather messenger bag has organization power in spades. Nine pockets hold everything from a laptop to headphones, books to water bottles, and everything in between. The leather is treated with wax to make it water resistant with a classy vintage style. Virgos like well-made, useful things that last, and this bag is all of the above. Men’s Messenger Bag, $39.99 (Originally $69.99) on Amazon

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