10 Frozen Foods To Stock Up on at Walmart for Busy Fall Days

Fall arrives at a busy time of year — kids are in school and often have extracurricular activities, holidays are approaching with steady speed, and busy households have to figure out easy meal-planning. Sometimes going to the grocery store every week just isn’t realistic, so frozen foods can make a huge difference in simplifying meal prep.

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Walmart offers a variety of frozen foods that are worth stocking up on. These food items can be worked into a variety of meals, or some of them stand alone, removing the need for meal prep altogether. Here are 10 frozen foods to stock up on at Walmart for busy fall days.

Mixed Root Vegetable Fries

Getting your family to eat more vegetables is a challenge for many people. So make it fun and extra tasty with Walmart’s 15 oz bag of mixed root vegetable fries for just $4.47.

Beet, carrot and parsnip slivers are battered and fried for a colorful and extremely tasty side dish.

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Homestyle Meatballs

Meatballs are a fantastic, protein-filled way to pop a little flavor into a ton of dishes, and easy to make in a crockpot, an air-fryer or the oven. Serve them whole over spaghetti, chop them into pieces and add to veggies, or bake them with gooey cheeses into a lasagna like dish.

Walmart’s Great Value brand offers a 48 oz bag of these for just $8.94.

Frozen Shrimp

If your household is trying to eat less red meat and chicken, shrimp is a healthy and easy alternative that goes nicely with a variety of other easy recipes that you can prep without a lot of work. Fry them up with veggies and serve over rice. Cook in lemon and garlic and serve with a side salad.

The options are endless, but the price of Walmart’s Great Value bag of 60 count shrimp for just $6.48 makes them a no-brainer. Closeup of human in kitchen cooking stir fry frozen vegetables

Deluxe Stir Fry Veggies

Random assortments of frozen veggies don’t always look that appetizing when it comes time to make a meal. But Walmart’s Great Value deluxe stir fry vegetables, a 20 oz bag for the incredibly low price of $2.48, is full of crisp, tasty vegetables including baby corn, snap peas, carrots and broccoli.

Add a little soy sauce and sesame oil, some chicken or tofu, and you have an entire meal.

Grilled and Roast chicken breast with seasoning in a cooking pan.

Frozen Chicken Tenderloins

For families trying to cut back on their red meat intake, or those who just really like chicken, these frozen chicken tenderloins are small enough that you can thaw just a few if you’re only feeding yourself or a small number, or thaw the whole bag if you’re feeding a big group.

Chop them up to add to dishes, or fry, bake or grill them as-is with your favorite condiments for healthy, low-fat protein. You can get this Tyson 3-lb bag of chicken tenderloins for just $11.87. spinach salad with steak.

Frozen Chopped Spinach

Spinach is such a versatile vegetable, and one that adds nicely to a lot of recipes without changing the flavor. However, buying fresh spinach, chopping it, and then sauteing it can be a lot of work.

Instead, buy your spinach pre-chopped and frozen to save time. Work it into a pastry dish or a casserole or serve it on the side of a meat or fish dish. However you like it, Walmart’s Great value brand sells a 12 oz package for just $1.06. Italian fresh pasta and tortellini ravioli.

Frozen Cheese Tortellini

The busy cook is always looking for foods that can either be worked into several dishes or stand alone. While fresh tortellini doesn’t take that long to make, the frozen version lasts much longer, so you can stock up and break it out any time you want a tasty pie dish.

Pair it with the meatballs earlier in this gallery and smother it in cheese for a hearty fall meal. Walmart’s Great Value brand 19 oz bag is just $2.98.

Cheap Greasy Frozen Pepperoni Pizza Ready to Eat.

Frozen Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

There are days when you just don’t feel like cooking at all. Those are the days to break out the frozen pizza, which cooks up fast, tastes great, and will satisfy just about anyone.

Walmart’s Great Value Rising Crust 27.4 oz cheese or pepperoni pizza is just $3.98. Walmart Neighborhood market store entrance facade with sign stock photo

Family Size Fajita Chicken Meal

Another easy-to-make meal without hours of chopping, prepping and sweating in a hot kitchen is Bird’s Eye’s family size fajita chicken frozen meal. This meal includes lean chicken over rice, with bell peppers and onions and delicious seasonings. All in one, boom done.

The 41 oz bag for $8.48 will feed your whole family and take off the pressure. Walmart Retail Location.  Walmart introduced its Veterans Welcome Home Commitment and plans on hiring 265,000 veterans.  stock photo

Tennessee Pride Snack Sized Sausage and Buttermilk Breakfast Biscuits

Anyone with more than a few people in their household knows that getting ready in the morning can be one of the most hectic times of the day. Making sure everyone gets something tasty and nutritious to eat isn’t easy.

Walmart makes it much easier with Tennessee Pride snack sized sausage and buttermilk breakfast biscuits. Get a 24-pack box of 8 oz biscuits for just $10.54.

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