14 foods that you should never put in the freezer

Once you own one of the best refrigerators, the freezer often becomes the go-to destination for all leftovers and food about to expire. It’s a handy little safety net which saves some serious food waste. And while it seems like the freezer can handle pretty much anything you throw in it, did you know that some things should never be kept in the freezer?

You read that right: the freezer is not suitable for certain foods. And considering how tightly packed most of our freezers end up, it’s essential that we save all of the space we can get. In fact, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t overfill your freezer. So if you spot one of these culprits in the freezer, now’s the time to get rid of it. Here are 14 foods that should never go in the freezer.

14 foods you should never freeze

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1. Eggs — You definitely don’t want to find shelled eggs in the freezer. This is because the liquid inside actually expands when it is frozen, which causes the shell to crack open from the inside. Consequently, the egg is at risk of contamination because it’s now exposed.