25 Best Broccoli Side Dishes for Dinner

Forget that same old steamed broccoli and try these easy and delicious broccoli side dishes instead.

They’re so good, even the kids will ask for seconds.

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Steamed Broccoli with Cauliflower and Carrots

Broccoli is a terrific, bright, and healthy vegetable that goes with almost any protein.

I’m talking roasted chicken, char-grilled steak, oven-baked salmon, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to prepping it.

So, I’ve found 25 fantastic broccoli side dishes to liven up your weekly dinner menu.

They’re easy to make and sure to satisfy hungry tummies.

25 Easy Broccoli Sides Even the Kids Will Love

Broccoli and indulgent aren’t words you find together too often. Even so, that’s precisely what this creamy broccoli salad is – indulgent.

It has such a rich taste and remarkably creamy sauce. Meanwhile, the bacon adds a touch of salty decadence, and the veggies are super crunchy.

It’s easily one of the best broccoli side dishes you’ll ever eat.

Parmesan-crusted Brussels sprouts are a favorite side dish of mine. So that’s why it’s surprising it took me so long to try Parmesan-roasted broccoli.

This bright and tangy side barely even tastes like broccoli.

In fact, it’s so cheesy, garlicky, and lemony, your family will probably gobble it up before you can even say “broccoli.”

If you need a vegan version of roasted broccoli, simply leave out the Parmesan. It’s still crunchy and tasty, just without all the cheese.

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If you enjoy that salty-cheesy taste, try sprinkling over some nutritional yeast!

This recipe also leaves out the garlic, but I always add it.

Okay, so this recipe work for steamed broccoli, thigh it’s not “plain old” steamed broccoli.

This is an ultra-cheesy recipe for broccoli smothered in cheese. And the cheese makes all the difference.

Serve it once, and you’ll crave it again and again.

If you like rice on the side of your meals but wish it had fewer carbs, try this recipe.

We all know cauliflower rice is hugely popular, but if you add broccoli to the mix, it’s even more colorful and delicious.

Better yet, this recipe features just two net carbs per serving, making it a ketoer’s dream.

No one makes broccoli casserole like my grandma. That said, this recipe gets pretty close.

It uses fewer than ten ingredients and has just four steps in the directions. It’s so easy, even beginner chefs should have no trouble with it.

It’s also hearty and cheesy with a delightfully crunchy cracker crumb topping.

Feel free to use Panko, but know they won’t give you the same crunch.

Are you a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of person? Do you have to force yourself to eat more greens?

If so, this roasted potatoes and broccoli recipe should help.

It has everything you love about well-seasoned, roasted potatoes. There’s just a few sneaky little trees on the tray too.

Once the broccoli is mixed with the taters and covered in seasonings, they’re just as scrummy.

Fritters are a terrific way to get the kids (and adults) to eat their greens!

Between the crunchy edges and tender fillings, they’re just like roasted potatoes – only way tastier!

You’ll add cheddar and Parmesan for flavor, along with garlic and almond flour.

When cooked, they’re golden brown and to die for. Seriously, nobody will even know there are greens in the mix.

It’s hard to beat grilled broccoli because it’s effortless to make and retains its snappy crunch.

Plus, the smoky, garlic-infused flavor is impossible not to love. And at less than 100 calories per serving, it’s tough to pass up.

Not to mention it works for all kinds of diets, including vegan, keto, low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free, and more.

everyone can enjoy this savory side. So make a big batch and watch it vanish.

I have a serious weakness for potatoes au gratin. I mean, what’s better than tender potatoes with onions, cream, and cheese?

That said, the carbs are pretty high. So, I make this broccoli version when I want something lighter.

This recipe doesn’t include onions, but I always add them. Just thinly slice and toss them with the veggies. Yum!

Also known as broccoli “crack,” this side dish is one you’ll want with everything.

It’s easy to make and calls for just eight ingredients, most of which are seasonings.

It’s cheesy and garlicky, with a delightful Panko breadcrumb topping. Oh, and you can have it ready in 30 minutes or less!

As mentioned, broccoli goes with pretty much everything. And this broccoli with orzo is no exception.

Delicious hot or cold, the simple yet scrummy seasonings make this ideal for your next Sunday dinner.

Serve it alongside prime rib, pork loin, or a piece of flaky fish. Delish!

If I’ve learned one thing about kids, it’s that they love corn. I mean, don’t we all?

But if you want to encourage your kids to eat more veggies, mixing them with corn is a no-brainer!

So, why not whip up this creamy, comforting meal with just seven ingredients? It’s wonderfully cheesy and almost sweet, thanks to all the corn.

And again, it’ll go with plenty of main courses – including chicken fingers and hot dogs!

You don’t need meat to prepare a delectable stir-fry. In fact, they can be even better without it!

For a vegetarian dish everyone will love, stick to broccoli, onions, peppers, and mushrooms.

You’ll still use the same robust, earthy sauces, and it’ll be just as tasty. It’ll just cook much quicker!

Serve these veggies with scrunchy spring rolls and a side of tender noodles.

Despite the somewhat lengthy ingredients list, this dish is a breeze to make.

It features tender cake, a tangy-creamy sauce, and plenty of herbs and spices. And with all that cheese, it’s kind of like mac and cheese.

So it’s just what you need for picky eaters.

Want a broccoli salad that’s dense and filling? Try roasted broccoli salad with couscous.

It’s a hearty dish full of small, chunky ingredients and a warm earthy, nutty taste.

There’s also plenty of crunch, thanks to the chopped hazelnuts. Feel free to use other nuts if you prefer (pine nuts work great).

You’ll appreciate this recipe even if broccoli isn’t your favorite green veggie.

If you liked the idea of ​​broccoli fritters, but want them even more kid-friendly, try these scrummy tots!

They use many of the same ingredients, including garlic and onion powder. Plus, they’re just as golden and crisp on the edges.

If your kids love tater tots, they’ll go nuts for these broccoli tots!

Broccoli and cheese are always good together. But if you add bacon to the mix? Oh man, that’s irresistible!

Bacon provides an extra depth of salty, mouth-watering flavor to the veggies and cheese.

Serve this over pasta or with chicken and potatoes.

It also makes it an excellent option for the keto diet. It’s high-fat and low-carb, with nine grams of protein for extra oomph.

Here’s another fabulous broccoli salad that’s yummy served hot or cold.

It looks stunning with all those colors, and it’s incredibly filling. In fact, thanks to the protein-rich chickpeas, this is good as a main too.

Chewy, crunchy, and umami-packed, this sensational dish can be ready in just 20 minutes.

Serve it with a sandwich at lunch or as a side to your next Indian feast.

Want to try something so good it’ll make you weak in the knees?

Pile fluffy baked potatoes with a delectable cheese-smothered broccoli sauce.

It’s a healthy, hearty way to jazz up this already beloved side dish.

Okay, okay…I know these won’t take the place of loaded fries. But they’re a pretty decent alternative if you’re trying to be healthy.

And the fact that they’re made on one sheet pan means less cleanup for you!

Throw some fresh florets on a tray with oil, salt, and pepper (or your choice of seasonings).

Roast until crisp and finish them with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and sour cream. Delish!

Even hardcore broccoli lovers know that roasting or steaming can get a little old. That’s why I love this broiled broccoli recipe.

It’s so easy to make and helps you mix things up a little.

Plus, the taste is fantastic! And don’t even get me started on the spicy, sesame scallion sizzle on top!

It brings the heat and adds a great pop of flavor.

And yes, you Bell use the recipe for the scallion sizzle on anything. Try it on a lean pork chop or your favorite whitefish. It’s superb.

Tangy, cheesy, and oh, so creamy, this broccoli risotto is the best of the best.

It takes 45 minutes to make but packs a boatload of flavor into every bite. And it’s something you can easily prep while your chicken dinner cooks.

You’ll definitely appreciate it if you’re a fan of Italian food.

Potato skins are such a fun appetizer and side dish.

And while they’re usually stuffed with cheese and bacon, this version adds green to the mix for a boost of goodness.

Just be sure to chop the florets quite small; otherwise, they’ll be difficult to eat.

Forget boring old mashed potatoes and try this dish at your next holiday dinner.

The green hue will make it pop in pictures, and the fact it’s low carb will make it fly off the table!

Tender, salty, garlicky, and cheesy, these might even be better than regular mash.

Broccoli Side Dishes