3 mistakes everyone makes with induction hobs

While many home chefs may still prefer cooking with gas, there’s no denying that induction is a faster and more energy-efficient method for heating pots and pans. In pretty much all online tests, induction has proved to be far and away the fastest method to boil a pot of water. In fact, according to a recent Which? experiment using a large pan of water, gas took 9.69 minutes to bring it to the boil, electric ceramic took a surprisingly faster 7.47 minutes but induction annihilated both with a boiling time of just 4.81 minutes.

Induction hobs are also quick to respond to temperature adjustments and, while they are capable of reaching higher cooking temperatures than gas (around 315˚C), they never get as hot to the touch as their gas or ceramic counterparts so you could feasibly touch the surface of an induction hob after the pot has been removed and not require a visit to A&E. This makes induction hobs the safest cooking method for anyone with children and inquisitive cats.

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