5 nutritional tips to align your health with workplace wellness | health

While you are working hard at office, it is highly important that you also take care of your health. In addition to what we eat and drink, we should consider what we consume through social media, digital surfing, reading and the company we keep as critical components of our nutrition.

The impact of the company, the music we listen to, things we read and more on our mind, creativity and productivity are well established and we should not undermine them. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Preeti Malhotra, Practice Head – Wellness and Partnerships at Great Place to Work India and Gaurav Dubey, CEO at LivLong, advised 5 nutritional tips that you should definitely keep in mind to ensure that you are not only doing good at work but also leading a healthy life full of good habits:

1. Eating habits – Most office workers complain about how challenging it is to eat properly and healthy. They blame it on stressful work hours. However, whether it is at work or outside, self-control is very crucial. You can limit junk food rather than give it up entirely. Pay attention to the meals you eat for your main meals as well. Have a satisfying breakfast first thing in the morning. Avoid unhealthy and oily food. Instead, have a salad and fruit for lunch.

“I am not a believer in diet fads but listening to one’s body and being mindful can go a long way in helping one manage energy, focus, and effectiveness. We should give it the same priority as our work and client meetings and should not feel guilty about keeping blocks for timely meals,” suggested Preeti Malhotra.

2. Hydrate – When you’re hustling hard at work, you might forget how much water you consume each day. You must, however, consume enough water to maintain your hydration and activity levels. Negative consequences of dehydration include tiredness and sluggishness. It is recommended that every person should consume six to eight glasses of water each day. You might need to drink more water depending on your degree of physical activity. Any fresh or juicy fruit is a fantastic remedy for hunger and thirst.

Gaurav Dubey recommended, “Carrying a bottle or monitoring your water intake with a smartphone app on your mobile is one of the easiest ways to ensure you remain hydrated. In case you do not drink enough, it can lead to dehydration. Dehydration, even mild dehydration, can wear you out and zap your energy levels.”

3. Balanced diet – Your body receives the nutrients it needs to operate properly from a balanced diet. Healthy nutrition boosts energy, enhances how your body operates, fortifies your immune system, and keeps you from gaining weight.

Preeti Malhotra asserted, “Whether one is a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan, ensuring that we are eating a well-balanced diet is absolutely essential. We have had so many examples of people’s health being adversely impacted due to vitamin deficiency or lack of proper nutrition.”

4. Posture – All day long, maintaining appropriate posture needs effort. Most office workers spend hours staring at their screens and gradually become engrossed. Incorporating specific desk exercises can help prevent bad posture. It is always recommended to avoid slouching or putting pressure on your back. Doing so may result in discomfort or body pain.

5. Take breaks – “Working from the comfort of our homes during the pandemic made us more addicted to our television, phones, laptops, tablets etc. than ever. A recent poll of people who work from home revealed that roughly 30% don’t take any breaks for meals during the workday. In actuality, 6 out of 10 participants felt bad for taking any vacation,” Gaurav Dubey highlighted.

We constantly work hard to complete our deadlines. However, it does not imply that you should stay seated at your desk for long periods without taking a break. Although you might believe taking a break will squander your time. Breaks might actually be useful. Take a break, as you will be more productive in getting your tasks done.