Access to food limited in parts of Onslow, creates food deserts

Onslow County resident Nicole Zurcher lives in a food desert, and it creates fear for her child’s life.

Zurcher lives off US 17, in between Sneads Ferry and Jacksonville, and has a child who has allergic reactions to multiple foods. She has to travel anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to buy organic food for her family in order to ensure her child’s safety.

“There are five stores that we can shop from,” Zurcher said. “Yes, most stores carry one or two items of organic but none of them carry a large amount and are consistent. It can be very frustrating for us and scary at times, especially recently. When I go to the stores now, I am never sure if I am going to be able to buy milk and other foods. When I ask the stores, they say that they don’t even know what they are getting in or how much or even when it is going to arrive.”

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