All grown up, 49ers’ Emmanuel Moseley returns home

Emmanuel Moseley entered the University of Tennessee weighing 145 pounds, less than half the size of a pint-sized SEC offensive lineman. Darrell Moseley accepts some blame for his youngest brother’s beanpole body.

“Growing up, he never really ate a lot,” Darrell said. “It was always me — I was eating the leftovers. I should have been making sure he was eating more to get his weight up. But it worked out. He still made it.”

Moseley, 26, a sticky-coverage cornerback on the San Francisco 49ers’ top-ranked defense, has indeed made it.

Nine years, a $10 million contract and nearly 50 pounds since he last played a football game in his home state, he will make his return Sunday when the 49ers visit the Panthers in Charlotte, about 90 miles from Moseley’s hometown of Greensboro.

Moseley, now 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds, has a classic underdog bio. Before he went undrafted in 2018 and began his NFL career on the practice squad, he was ignored by his dream school, North Carolina State, and East Carolina rescinded its scholarship offer.