Best Chinese restaurants in Delhi, as picked by the city’s top foodies

When the Chinese came to India, almost four centuries ago, they couldn’t have imagined that they were carrying with them what would one day become one of India’s favorite cuisines. Since then, Chinese food in India has gone through a sea of ​​change and today Indian Chinese is a cuisine by itself. Chilli chicken, chopsuey, gobi Manchurian— the list of preparations that are uniquely Indian is long and the way they are prepared is diverse. Every city has its own version of Chinese food and everyone who loves Chinese food (which is everyone!) has their own favourites.

As much as we love Indian Chinese, there are also places, and people, who prepare quality Mainland Chinese food in India too. We speak to food experts in Delhi to ask them what is their favorite Chinese joint in the capital. And yes, their responses are as diverse as the cuisine itself.

Best Chinese restaurants in Delhi

Dolma Restaurant, Majnu ka Tila

“I am not sure it will fit the Chinese category but I enjoy eating Indian Chinese at Majnu ka Tila. There are a number of popular places that offer a mix of Indo-Chinese and Indo Tibetan food like chow mein, chilli chicken, shapta, tingmo, momo and a lot more and I enjoy all of them. If I have to recommend, I’d say Dolma Restaurant (H-No 1, Block No 10, New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi. Call 9958821519) is really popular and serves good food too. Another thing I really enjoy is Chinese chaat. It is a typical Delhi thing and you can mix and match noodles, rice, chilli chicken, manchurian, chilli potatoes, gravies and what not. It is a really fun concept. I generally eat it in C Block, in Chitranjan Park or at Lajpat Nagar Market.” Anubhav Sapra, Delhi Food Walks.

Friends Restaurant, Gurugram

“My go-to place for Chinese in the capital is a Chinese-run place called Friends Restaurant in Gurugram (Ground Floor, Central Plaza Mall, Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 53, Gurugram, National Capital Region. Call 124 4628230). The food is absolutely divine: top-class ingredients, superlative cooking and absolutely fuss-free environment. Most preparations are Sichuan-led with authentic spices from the mainland. The level of simple dishes here —like boiled fish with chillies, Chongqing chicken and pork with cabbage—is just superlative.” Vikramjit Roy, The Tangra Project.

China Club, Gurugram

“There are several reasons why ‘authentic’ Chinese cannot be produced by a restaurant in India. Certainly no one of China’s many regional cuisines can dominate. It is possible to go to a restaurant in China, Hong Kong etc. and polish off a meal without rice. Here, rice and noodles are immutable and spiciness is all-important. still, China Club in Gurgaon (Lobby Level, Tower C, Global Business Park, MG Road. Call 0124 2566000) is two decades old and continues to have four chefs from the People’s Republic (plus an interpreter) and the quality of cooking sets it apart instantly. Fried bacon with green chillies, steamed spinach, shredded cucumber in peanut mustard sauce are but two preparations that showcase the all-important knife skills plus the unusual combination of flavors that are quintessentially Sichuan yet distinct from the ‘hot garlic sauce’ that envelopes most Chinese cooking in the rest of the city. AND they won’t stare if you forgo rice and noodles!” Maryam Reshii, Author