Burger night on the farm | Weekend Magazine

It’s a picturesque summer evening and burgers are sizzling on the grill, the summer salads are prepped and the iced tea is chilling. Plus, there is ice cream in the freezer for sundaes with maple syrup and whipped cream. It’s a perfect evening for you and your family to enjoy — along with 243 of your closest friends. That was exactly the scene at Templeton Farm in East Montpelier on July 13 when farm owners Bruce Chapell and Sherry Miller, along with their sons and their families hosted a burger night on the farm.

The ninth-generation beef and maple producers prepared a meal that featured vegetables like lettuce from nearby Ananda Farm in East Montpelier, potatoes and tomatoes from Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, ice cream from Kingdom Creamery in East Hardwick and, of course, the beef and maple syrup produced right at Templeton Farm. It was the second of two burger nights held this year, and the event has grown in popularity and become an important gathering for the community, as well as a way to showcase and support local food producers.