Candidates for 23rd District House, Position 2

Editor’s note: Candidates’ answers to these questions in the 23rd District, Position 1 race with Tarra Simmons and Janell Hulst appeared in the print edition of the Kitsap Sun ahead of the Aug. 2 primary. Visit to read them.

Democratic State Rep. Drew Hansen is seeking his sixth elected term, while Republican contender Paige Jarquin is hoping to unseat him on Nov. 8.

Hansen, an attorney who in 2019 expressed interest in the state Attorney General’s Office, will face Jarquin, a business owner who has lived in Kitsap County since 2018.

The Kitsap Sun asked the candidates to answer seven questions. Hansen’s answers appear below; Jarquin did not provide answers to the Kitsap Sun.

Drew Hansen

Age: 49

Current occupation: Lawyer/Legislator

Previously elected experience: Washington House of Representatives, 23rd Legislative District, 2011-present

party: Democratic

Campaign contributions: $153,807.79

Q: Inflation is a challenge for many. What should the Legislature do to help those struggling with the rising cost of gas and food?

A: We should fully fund the Working Families Tax Credit to give working families some tax relief from gas, food, rent, and other costs. We should also look to enforce laws against price-gouging and anticompetitive practices.

Q. Police reform legislation raised the barrier for law enforcement to engage in vehicle chases of those suspected of a crime. Do you support the legislation as is, or do you think it should be changed?