Chris Fischer’s Ocean studies sharks to return balance to the ocean

It may seem like a stretch, that a kid who grew up in landlocked Louisville would end up a crusader for the world’s oceans as an adult, but that’s exactly the way it happened for Chris Fischer.

For more than two decades, the Louisville native has focused on returning balance to the earth’s oceans by studying the one marine creature people fear most.

Fischer is a shark advocate and an explorer who is working to help researchers find new ways to protect sharks and the ecosystems they help maintain. In the process, he’s led more than 40 global expeditions to accelerate the ocean’s rejuvenation to balance and abundance. The research performed on his converted 126-foot Bering Sea crab vessel, OCEARCH, is helping to unlock the life history puzzle of great white sharks and other keystone species essential for the health of the oceans.

“If we lose the apex predator (sharks) then we lose all our fish and then there are no fish sandwiches for our grandchildren,” Fischer told the Courier Journal. “That’s oversimplified, of course, but the idea is important because many shark species are threatened by overfishing and a demand for shark fins in Asia. Their dwindling numbers jeopardize ocean habitats.”

Louisville native and shark advocate and exploer Chris Fischer.

Fischer’s work has been featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” “CBS Mornings,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and countless other media outlets including The History Channel, National Geographic, The New York Times and USA Today. As a result of his ongoing work, the Louisville-bred explorer has received numerous prestigious recognitions like The Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Medal for Imagination in Exploration and the Nominee Trust 100 Award for top social innovators list.

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