Cincinnati Reds broadcasters have the hardest job in sports today

Let me tell you about the hardest job in sports today.

To do it, you have to be creative, patient, tolerant, non-judgmental, incurably optimistic and well-versed in historical sports calamity.

Your voice can betray no emotions. You can’t sigh or chuckle Incredibly or burst out laughing at the awful-ness of it all. If you can’t keep yourself from banging your head off the nearest wall, you better be discrete about it.

There might be a million synonyms for “lousy”but you can’t use any of them.

You don’t get hazardous duty pay, you can’t list “mental fatigue” when filing a health insurance claim. You need to take it one game at a time, even if one game seems like 1,000 re-runs of I Married Dora.

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