Dining with David & Myra | Test your ‘Food IQ,’ Part 2 | entertainment

Since we began writing this column, we have learned so much about food, cooking and our wonderful restaurant and food service community. It has been both enjoyable and educational. We have also learned how our readers are about these topics.

So back in February we thought it might be fun and interesting to take a break from our usual dining review column and instead share some interesting and informative food facts and trivia. Due to popular demand and the enthusiastic reader response we received to that column, we’ve decided to do it again with new questions meant to test your “food IQ.” We hope you enjoy this column. The answers are below.


1: Where was American cheese invented?

2: Do fresh eggs float?

3: What percentage of Twinkies is air?

4: Are almonds nuts?

5: What is the most stolen food in the world?

6: What did Famous Amos do before he became known for his cookies?

7: In what city in Italy did pizza originate?

8: What is roti?

9: How many seeds are in a strawberry?

10: How many segments are in an orange?

11: What is the term that describes the process of slow cooking meat to reduce the fat content?

12: In what country did “The Iron Chef” show originate?

13: The three top food consumption days in the United States are Thanksgiving, Christmas and what other day?

14: What is a single spaghetti noodles called?

15: Is white chocolate chocolate?

16: What are the ingredients in ganache?

17: What was the profession of William Morrison, the man who invented cotton candy?

18: What is sushi usually wrapped in?

19: Where did chimichurri originate?

20: What celebrity, creator of the song “Bad Romance,” owns and operates a popular restaurant in New York City?

21: How much caffeine has to be removed from coffee to be described as decaffeinated?

22: What is the hottest part of a chili?

23: Sauerkraut comes from which vegetable?

24: What tree produces fruit for up to 300 years?

25: What is the official state fruit of Vermont?

1: Switzerland in 1911

2: No. The fresher the egg, the faster it falls to the bottom. An egg that floats should be thrown out

3: 68%

4: No, they are seeds enclosed in a hard fruit covering

5: Cheese; up to 4% of the worlds cheese production is stolen annually

6: He was a talent agent representing Simon and Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and others

7: Naples

8: A round flatbread popular in India and other countries

9: 200 (and a strawberry is not technically a berry)

10: Usually 10

11: Rendering

12: Japan

13: Super Bowl Sunday

14: A spaghetto

15: No, it’s sugar, milk, vanilla, lecithin and cocoa butter

16: Whipped cream and melted chocolate

17: Dentist (huh, huh)

18: Seaweed

19: Argentina

20: Lady Gaga owns Joanne Trattoria. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

21: At least 97%

22: The type

23: Cabbage

24: The mango tree

25: The apple; Vermont produces more than 1 million bushels of apples annually

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