Easy meals, life-saving knife skills demonstrated at Fair & Rodeo

Three cooks in the Spotlight Kitchen on Monday at the West Texas Fair & Rodeo were not too many to showcase an easy weeknight meal.

The cooks were Texas A&M AgriLife Extension family and community health county agents for Jones, Nolan and Taylor counties.

Attendees at the 6 pm demonstration in the AEL Building (Round Building) at the Taylor County Expo Center lined up quickly after the demonstration to sample Zucchini Garlic Bites, Simple Beef Pasta Soup and No-Bake Dark Chocolate Bars.

Chef Opal Darlene Walton − simply known as Chef Darlene − is host of the Spotlight Kitchen each fair day that continues through Saturday (schedule listed below). Chef Darlene or local chefs demonstrate a dish − or two or three − during each session.

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Simple, healthy and flavorful

For those unfamiliar with county extension agents, Kim Miles from Taylor County started the introductions by saying “I describe it as we’re school teachers We’re just not in a school setting.”

“… We cover nutrition, diet, health, child development, and then, of course, we have our network program and our 4-H program,” she added.

The three recipes shared during the demonstration are part of the AgriLife Extension’s Dinner Tonight – Healthy Cooking for a Healthy Texas program, with more recipes at dinnertonight.tamu.edu.