Tetra Pak launches a digital campaign featuring smarter integrated solutions to help food producers tap into new growth opportunities

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, on 5 October 2022 announced the launch of a “Food Has a New Home” campaign to help producers meet consumer’s demands for healthy, sustainable and convenient products. This online campaign highlights Tetra Pak’s one-stop-shop of solutions – from packaging and processing expertise, to consumer insights and more to enable new growth opportunities. At the launch event, the company hosted a panel discussion with experts from Food Innopolis and Thailand Chef’s Association to exchange views on industry insights and consumer perspectives in a world where disruptions to supply chains require a radical adjustment.

Consumers today feel differently about the food they eat and they have made lasting changes to how they prepare and consume meals and snacks. They recognize that cooking at home offers better control over the health and nutritional content of their food and it also addresses growing concerns around food safety, affordability and waste. The increasing popularity of cooking at home is having an impact on the types of products they are buying. Products such as packaged vegetables, soups, sauces and dressings are gaining in popularity and are helping consumers produce safe, healthy and affordable meals in their kitchen.

Packaged foods and products support the at-home trend and represent an opportunity for manufacturers. This opportunity is amplified by the digital disruption and with consumers increasingly purchasing more groceries online, packaging is becoming critical for e-commerce-focused supply chains. The ongoing growth of e-commerce, combined with a changing set of consumer expectations results in the race to offer ever shorter delivery times, increasing the cost of fulfilment. Fulfilment is the main operating expense for online businesses, as a result of the associated expenses involved in delivery, labor and freight. The role of packaging will be critical for e-commerce-focused supply chains, as it will have to adapt to several fulfilment and collection formats. Packaging that is easily handled, protective enough to limit damage and returns, easy to open and easily recycled will be in greater demand.

Tetra Recart — a packaging solution highlighted in the “Food Has a New Home” campaign — meets all these requirements. It is an innovative, future-proof packaging solution for shelf-stable foods which serves the evolving needs of consumers, producers and retailers. From the consumer perspective Tetra Recart is practical, modern, safe and natural, easy to open, pour from, store and dispose of. Food manufacturers appreciate size-flexible lines, smaller factory footprint and lower operational costs, while retailers find the lower weight, higher pallet and space efficiency and lower in-store waste appealing. Online retailers additional see that Tetra Recart grabs attention on the screen and fits perfectly in meal kits and delivery boxes. And last, but not least, it is a package made out of at least 69% responsibly sourced renewable materials — trees.

“Home cooking does not have to be a compromise between the taste and the amount of time spent in the kitchen,” says Teerawee Disaya Chaipong, Restaurant Expert & Consultant from the Thailand Chef’s Association. “There are excellent cooking-helper solutions available in carton packaging now. They can be used at home and are practical products which are regularly used by professionals— like broth, tomato preparations and ready-made sauces which form the basis of much cooking. They can save time while delivering great taste, high quality and value for money without any compromise.”

Besides the food packaging, the “Food Has a New Home” campaign also highlights Tetra Pak’s complete end-to-end solutions to support the whole value chain, from food production to packaging and after-sales services. Every year Tetra Pak introduces smarter, safer and more cost-effective food processing technologies. As a leading food processing specialist, Tetra Pak enables brands in the food businesses to find ways to move forward with new equipment, software and services. Innovating with Tetra Pak’s experienced food technologists at the company’s Food Development Center (FDC) can help take food products to whole new levels of flavour, texture and variety.

“The food and beverage industry, like any other industry, has to respond to the constant changes in consumer choices. And some of the biggest market trends now relate to health, environmental concerns and convenience,” says Sutheera Arjcharoen, Business Development Manager from Food Innopolis. “Addressing these changes in consumer preferences requires an integrated approach, from rethinking products, production methods and packaging. Innovation often means modifying and tweaking recipes to stay ahead of the competition.”

With its strong focus on processing solutions for the food industry, Tetra Pak is in the best position to understand the needs of food businesses— from mixing, blending and formulation to heat treatment, evaporation, spray drying and powder handling. Tetra Pak’s extensive technology range covers low to high-shear mixing and blending with varied levels of speed and gentleness – all to ensure optimal dissolving, emulsifying and dispersing of powder and liquid ingredients into homogenous products with high particle integrity, consistent quality and even particle distribution .

“We help food producers offer consumers greater convenience. This could be products used in the preparation of meals, like cooking sauces, or for ready meals and eating on the go, or even in the fast-growing category of pet food,” says Supanat Ratanadib, Marketing Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) limited. “We can suggest ways to add value to soups, sauces, desserts, baby food, fruit and tomato preparations. With our smart automation solutions, unique lifecycle perspective and customized services we also ensure maximum performance throughout the operational lifecycle, supporting Thai producers in tapping into the new opportunities and helping them achieve their business goals.”

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