Greg Studzinski walked from Green Bay to Cudahy to raise money

“Thanks for not running me over.”

It’s a phrase Greg Studzinski of Cudahy would regularly say with a wave every time a car passed him during his Sept. 1-5 walk from Green Bay to Cudahy.

Studzinski, 44, started Packer 2 Packer 120 to walk away from addiction and raise money for the Milwaukee Street Angels during National Recovery Month. The total listed on the GoFundMe is just shy of $15,000, but Studzinski said that with the addition of a few other checks he raised more than $15,500, blowing by the initial GoFundMe goal of $2,000.

Called the “first responders to a homeless crisis” on their website, Street Angels Inc. is a mobile outreach program in Milwaukee County that offers meals, water, hygiene items, clothes, tents and more to those experiencing homelessness.