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Author: Mark PetersPublished 42 minutes ago

We all want to live a healthy life, but we have allowed bad habits to form. Most normal people do, as a lot of pleasure comes from the less than healthier chocolate, cake, and Netflix binge-watching. As the summer months approach, you likely feel the pressure to shed some pounds and get your skin back in order. While you are thinking about making changes to your life, let’s consider how you can make these healthy behaviors a positive habit for your future.

Drink more water

Our body is more water than anything else, and our brain and heart are made up of more than 70% water and our skin more than 60%. Therefore, if we want to function at our peak, we need to stay hydrated. Drinking tea, coffee, and alcohol dehydrate our bodies, as they are diuretics and encourage us to go to the toilet more frequently.

Getting into a habit of drinking more water throughout the day can massively impact your mental and physical performance. To get started with your new habit, buy a water bottle that you can carry with you.

Grow your own food

Some habits will help you and those that can help the world we live in. Growing your own food can do both. Reducing the number of miles from ground to plate can make feeding you and your family carbon neutral. Indeed, you could even make a net gain, as plants suck up some of that carbon.

Growing lots of vegetables and making these a central part of your diet is also good for your body. The essential nutrients will be most potent when straight from the ground. It is also worth mentioning that you notice that vegetables and fruit have much more taste when you grow them yourself.

Becoming more sustainable has lots of benefits, not least saving you money. Our gardens can do more than offer green space for socialising; they can help us towards a healthy diet.

Walk more

We have all grown accustomed to the convenience of transportation. Jumping in our car for a 5-minute drive or taking a tube for a couple of stops seems acceptable, though we are all missing out on an opportunity to get some exercise and some mindful moments.

Walking more is great for our physical health, and even 10 minutes a day can positively affect our health. More importantly, it helps you slow your world down and notice the places you are traveling through. When we work on hyperdrive the whole time, our minds become too busy and feel stressed. Choosing to walk will offer a natural break from your whizzing thoughts.

Exercise wherever you can

Using the gym at work might be easier than making a concerted effort to travel somewhere else. If this isn’t possible, using your stairs and furniture in the home to do some exercise can make a massive difference. Getting into the habit of being a little out of breath for 30 minutes a day can help improve your fitness levels.

Fitness is self-fulfilling. Once you start to get into the habit of exercising, you will have much more energy. You can then use this additional energy to up the intensity of the exercise and slowly work yourself into a habit of healthiness.

Go to bed half an hour earlier

Sleep is more important than we realize. it is more than just a means of refreshing us for the next day; it is core to our ability to maintain emotional regulation. When we are sleep deprived, we do not have time for our brains to process our experiences and thoughts. Equally, we find it harder to manage emotions and can cycle into negative habits.

Getting enough sleep can also make it easier to eat the right foods. When we lack sleep, we are much more likely to crave carbohydrates and sugars, which adversely impact our blood sugar, and we end up in a boom-bust cycle.

Making it a habit to go to bed half an hour earlier, and if possible, to a set routine, will improve your ability to cope with your day. You will find it much easier to undertake other healthy behaviors when well-rested.


Habits are formed over about 6 weeks. We need to consciously remind ourselves to drink more water, walk rather than drive, and get the sleep we need for these early days. However, after this early period, your body will crave the behaviors you have been practicing, and it will become a habit you need to do. So, when becoming more healthy, remember it is six weeks of effort before it becomes a habit.

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