HEALTHY LUNCH BOX / Foods that will sustain your child (or you) throughout the school day

The start of a new school year seems like the perfect time to talk about how to assemble a healthy lunch box.

The importance of planning lunches is of great benefit to learning, and the foods packed should sustain the student throughout the school day.

But the healthy lunch box also extends to the adult who packs their lunch daily. The following brief descriptions are a guideline that will keep you within the healthy parameters to keep learning days and work days heightened:


Choose fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, bell pepper strips, asparagus spears, summer squash, or grape tomatoes, and fresh fruit like grapes, apple slices, melon chunks, berries or banana slices.

Choose a grain –whole grain is preferred. Examples are whole grainpasta, bread, and crackers, brown rice, quinoa, and steel-cut oats.

Choose a dairy, such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, soy milk, or soy yogurt. Calcium and Vitamin D areessential to youth, but adults need it as well for continued bone health.