How To Get The Fugue Slab In Deathloop

The Golden Loop Update added new content to deathloop, including an extended ending, a new weapon, harder enemies, and a new slab power. This power, called the Fugue Slab, requires a little work to earn, but it is ultimately a good tool. The slab plays with enemies’ minds and, upon further upgrades, will even have foes attack each other.

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to obtain it, you have to find and defeat the Garbage Collector boss. Being a hidden boss added in this update, you should expect a more formidable foe than the other visionaries scattered around Black Reef. To make the boss fight a little easier, read the guide below on finding and defeating this nemesis.


Preparing For The Garbage Collector

  • Essential Trinkets: Mine Own, Remote Overload
  • Recommended Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Announcer, Shotgun
  • Recommended Slabs: Aether, Nexus

Before heading toward the boss fight, you should prepare yourself properly with the right build. A stealth build is ideal here, but you should still have a couple of heavy-hitting weapons in case you sound an alarm. The best slabs to use are the Aether Slab and the Nexus Slab. The former makes you invisible so you can easily sneak around enemies, while the latter lets you chain kills once the Garbage Collector’s minions come out and hunt you down.

Two important trinkets to bring along are Mine Own and Remote Overload. These two both allow you to detonate hacked objects and mines. The room the Garbage Collector waits in is booby-trapped with a mine and security camera; you can hack both of these by peeking through a big crack in the wall next to the door.

With weapons, bringing a sniper rifle with you and a speaker is important. Depending on how things go, you might have to shoot at the enemy from afar. Also, bring a shotgun or something else good for short-range combat in case you trigger an alarm, causing everyone to come straight for you.

Finding The Garbage Collector

The Garbage Collector is easy to find if you know where to look: in Karl’s Bay during the afternoon section. From the start of the area, head straight to the end of the cavern, using the exit with water to the right (it is down a flight of stairs). Keep going straight along the cliff, and you will come to an entrance to the left. Head down the stairs, and you will enter the area where he is singing a song to himself over the PA.

He is still not in this immediate area, however. The Garbage Collector is in the next room. If it is your first time fighting him, the only entrance to the room is on the lower level in the northeast corner of the room. To avoid taking damage and immediately starting the boss, use the hackamajig to disable the security camera and mine.

another, you can also enter the room from the second level. A code activates a nearby lever. Once you find out the code by looking at the lever on the other side, you can go through the garbage compactor to sneak up on the Garbage Collector before he even knows you are there. However, you must beat the boss at least once to find the code.

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Defeating The Garbage Collector

The best way to initiate the fight on the first attempt is to use a bottle found on the top floor to lure the Garbage Collector toward the trip mine you should have already hacked.

He will walk in and take some damage and walk toward the door. Activate your Aether Slab and walk toward him and perform a stealth takedown. If you are successful, you can defeat him right then and there and earn the slab. If he spots you and you trip the alarm, a longer, tougher battle will commence.

If other enemies start attacking you, it is not the end of the fight just yet. It is possible to re-enter a stealth state after disposing of the boss’s guards. If this happens and you can successfully hide, the Garbage Collector will be waiting and looking for you on the stairs near the door. From here, it is easy to sneak up behind him using the Aether Slab.

Stealth is generally the best way to dispose of the Garbage Collector because he has so much health. A forward assault against him will use most of your ammo and grenades. Not to mention you also have to content with his guards.

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