Indonesia’s 10 Most Charming Cities That Every Tourist Must Visit In 2022

Indonesia is one of the most visited countries in the world, and there are many reasons for this. The beaches are one of the reasons. The food is another, and so is the affordability and the attractions one can see on the islands around the country. The cities also are great reasons people visit this country. With many of them featuring several beaches, resorts, and natural attractions, it feels like the Caribbean in these cities. Travelers heading to this Asian country should head over to these cities as they promise all that’s needed for an enjoyable vacation.

10 Batu City, East Java

Batu City is a small city in Indonesia’s East Java area with striking natural beauty created by its surrounding mountains and numerous fruit farms. In the past, it was a recreation destination for the Dutch colonials, and it remains an amazing recreation spot that people from all over the country and the world now visit. Batu City is also known for its fresh mountain air and cold temperature, which creates the perfect atmosphere for plants to thrive and for people to enjoy relaxation. Activities to do in Batu City revolve around visiting theme parks, walking through beautiful gardens, checking out museums, and visiting waterfalls.

9 Ende, East Nusa Tenggara

Ende may be a lesser-known destination in Indonesia, but this small city is a fantastic place to spend a holiday. The city’s appeal begins with the towering mountains around it, which create impressive natural scenery. Ende is also endowed with several white sand beaches, unique natural attractions, and beautiful waterfalls that create opportunities for a wide range of adventures.

8 Jayapura, Papua

Jayapura is one of the largest cities in Indonesia and the largest in the province of Papua. Its charms lie in its lush forest areas and beautiful valleys, which create opportunities for lots of adventures. The city has a great connection to many surrounding destinations that travelers would love to visit, like New Guinea and other parts of Indonesia. Jayapura features a wide range of attractions to offer, from waterfalls to beaches and lakes, and it is also well-equipped for tourism as it has coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and a large market.

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7 Bandung, West Java

Bandung is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Indonesians and tourists from around the world due to its natural scenery and abundance of attractions. The city is surrounded by mountains which keep the air cool, and it also has waterfalls, farms, and hot springs. Its long colonial history and impressive architecture combined with the natural scenery have even earned it the nickname – the Paris of Java. Visitors to this city can begin their adventure by enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant or a drink at a cafĂ© before proceeding to walk through the streets and witnessing the city’s impressive architecture and thriving art scene. For a more outdoor adventure here, travelers can take a walk through the tea plantation, camp in the woods, or enjoy a dip in a hot spring.

6 Kuta, Bali

Kuta is a small town in Indonesia that has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. The town’s appeal is in its long sandy beach, which is surrounded by several resorts, restaurants, and bars. A typical day in this town is spent relaxing or surfing at the beach, but other activities such as hiking, visiting historic sites, and shopping can also be done here. A lot of events and parties are also usually held in Kuta.

5 Ubud, Bali

Ancient temples, impressive palaces, hanging gardens, and an abundance of forest areas are some of the things that make Ubud so charming. But that’s not all. This town on Bali Island also features the picturesque Tegallalang rice terrace, as well as beautiful hill walks and rich cultural exhibitions. All these combine to make Ubud one of the best places for a vacation in Indonesia. The town has something for all types of travelers, from adrenaline junkies to foodies, history buffs, and even shopping lovers.

4 Bogor, West Java

The small town of Bogor is one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets. Located south of Jakarta, this town is positioned at the foot of Mount Salak, and it is one of the popular weekend getaways for those seeking to escape the heat and cool off. The city is endowed with a botanical garden that features beautiful trees, flowers, and lakes, and people often come to walk through all that nature. Other exciting things to do in Bogor include – shopping at one of the city’s markets and visiting a scenic waterfall.

3 Manado, North SuJakarta

Manado appeals to tourists who love water sports and natural scenery. The town is featured by mountain views and a unique underwater environment that’s perfect for scuba diving. Divers and snorkelers from all over the world come to explore the waters of this island and see different types of colorful fishes and coral reefs. Besides Scuba Diving, visitors to Manado can also relax at a beach, visit waterfalls, go white water rafting at a river, or go sailing at one of the lakes.

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2 Yogyakarta City, South-Central Java

Yogyakarta has a lot of natural beauty, but the charms of this city mainly lie in its rich culture, impressive art, and historic structures. Some of the most famous attractions in Indonesia are located in or very close to this town, including the famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples. Yogyakarta is also endowed with several museums, beautiful beaches, and zoos endowed with unique animals. Some of the best sunrise and sunsets can be seen in this city, and the temples are great places to witness the scenery.

one Jakarta, Northwest Java

The capital and largest city in Indonesia is perhaps the first place that comes to mind when thinking of where to visit in this Asian country. But that popularity is not because of the numerous infrastructure and skyscrapers around the city. It is also popular for its natural scenery and long history. Jakarta is one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia and a great place to experience Asian, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch, and Indian cultures. While taking a tour of Jakarta, take note of the impressive architecture, and also check out some museums, parks, street food stalls, and restaurants around the city.