‘MasterChef’ on Fox features Neenah native Emily Hallock again

Curiosity — not revenge — brought Emily Hallock back to the “MasterChef” kitchen.

Though a spoonful of redemption would be nice.

If you missed the first episode of season 12, you missed Hallock — a 2008 graduate of Neenah High School and 2012 graduate from Lawrence University — earning her second “MasterChef” apron, the sign that she would advance to the next round.

“Getting this apron is that validation in saying I was eliminated too early,” Hallock said on the show. “So now I’m bringing back what I left on the table and more. I’m so ready.”

Emily Hallock earned a "MasterChef" apron and second chance to win the cooking competition.

Billed as “Back To Win,” this round of the cooking competition features former “MasterChef” and a few “MasterChef Junior” contestants who fell short.

In 2018, Hallock’s run during season nine came to an unexpected end.

“We were mortified when you left, that was a shock,” show judge Gordon Ramsay said to Hallock during the season 12 premiere.

She finished 10th on season nine. That’s not too shabby considering thousands of home cooks don’t even make it past the “MasterChef” auditions, but Hallock had been cutting through the competition like a filet knife through fish. She had won two individual challenges and was a finalist in another challenge, while not being among the bottom cooks in any contests.