Matthew Kenney Opened Two New Vegan Restaurants in Miami

Chef Matthew Kenney just announced two new vegan hotspots in Miami, Make Out Cafe and Plant Food + Wine, bringing Floridians a taste of two of Kenney’s most popular concepts. The restaurants will reside in the former Thatch Miami space at 3255 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL. Make Out Cafe opened this past weekend, and Plant Food + Wine Miami will open later this May.

The two restaurant concepts will first open as temporary installations before closing down for the summer when the building will undergo extensive renovations to prepare for its grand opening in Fall 2022. Plant Food + Wine will operate the main portion of the building while Make Out Cafe will be attached to the main dining room.

Make Out Cafe Miami

Kenney’s two restaurant concepts provide vastly different menus but remain unified in their dedication to sustainability and the future of food. Make Out Cafe is Kenney’s fast-casual health-conscious concept, providing customers with cold-pressed juices, nutrient-packed superfoods, and specialty smoothies. The Miami installment is just the latest location to join Make Out Cafe’s sister stores in Los Angeles and Rhode Island.

Customers who visit the Make Out Cafe can order everything from the Superfood Oats – chilled oats, almond milk, fresh fruit, cacao nibs, coconut sugar, hemp seeds, and granola – or the Kimchi Wraps, filled with market lettuce, almond paste, carrots , peppers, kimchi, herbs, ginger, collard greens, and a peanut-almond dipping sauce. The cafe will also feature an impressive selection of dairy-free ice creams like Java Chaga Chip and Ocean Salted Caramel.

Plant Food + Wine Miami

For customers looking for more refined plant-based cuisine, Plant Food + Wine is Kenney’s premier vegan fine dining experience. Plant Food + Wine’s Miami offshoot will feature some of the Los Angeles flagship’s signature dishes while paying homage to the culinary influences that define Miami. The new fine dining concept will be geared toward the surrounding community, showcasing Kenney’s innovative plant-based cooking in a Miami context.

Fans of the original location in Los Angeles can expect to see some of the staple dishes remain on the menu. Plant Food + Wine offers delectable entrees such as the Heirloom Tomato + Zucchini Lasagna with a Macadamia ricotta, pistachio pesto, and a sun-dried tomato marinara. For the more adventurous, customers can order the Kelp Noodle Cacio e Pepe, complete with snap peas, pea sprouts, and crispy oil-cured olives.

“We’re thrilled to bring Plant Food and Wine to Miami; this is one of my favorite cities, a beautiful playground of rich culinary heritage and fresh, nourishing ingredients,” Kenney said to VegWorld. “Our artistic vision has always been to create an upscale, memorable dining experience, where food is not only beautiful and flavorful but also incredibly healing and nutritious. We’ve built a dynamic team committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients available while using modern and classic techniques to create the best plant-based experience for all.”

Matthew Kenney’s Vegan World

This March, Matthew Kenney helped open a plant-based pub right next to Fenway Park in Boston. PlantPub – opened in partnership with local entrepreneurs Mary Dumont and Pat McAuley – will serve fully vegan pub food to fans of the Boston Red Sox. The new vegan concept aims to provide people with affordable and appealing plant-based options for classic gameday mouse.

“We are mimicking all of the flavors that people know and love in a complete plant-based form,” said Dumont. “We have an opportunity to expose so many people to a new way of eating that is becoming more and more mainstream.”

Kenney’s innovative plant-based cuisine is catching the eye of more and more people worldwide. Last November, Kenney hosted a three-story plant-based pop-up in Dubai to showcase inventive vegan cuisine at the Expo 2020 Dubai. The chef highlighted the potential of plant-based foods at all three levels of The Sustainability Pavilion, emphasizing the importance of plant-based food for the future of our planet.

“In recent years, there has been so much attention on the benefits of plant-based living—not only for our health but also for the environment. It’s all about cooking healthy, sustainable dishes by using clean, organic, and unprocessed materials to create vibrant dishes,” Kenney said in a statement.

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