New: CBD, Ice Cream, & Yoga Make Rooted Lounge an Eclectic Space in Allentown

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Allentown rightly gets a lot of attention for its bar and restaurant scenes, but there’s also a more holistic side to the old neighborhood driving by a shared sense of community.

Selling herbs, house plants, food and CBD products, the new Rooted Lounge on Allen Street has only been open a few months, but according to co-owner Gizelle Hinson, the wellness boutique has already become part of the community fabric.

“There’s a part of Allentown that is really focused on building community,” she says. “It sounds weird but it’s true. It’s a real thing. There’s this idea that a business has to be focused on everything but people, but we really are people-centered.”


“We get a lot of customers that are students from the Medical Corridor or people who live in the neighborhood,” she adds. “We have regulars that come in probably three, four times a week. Sometimes, people just come in to talk or meet up with friends and look around. It’s a whole Allentown vibe.”

For the most part, the products available at Rooted reflect the backgrounds of Stokes (mental health) and her co-owner husband Chris Hinson (plant-based medicine). However, the store has also offers baked goods and ice cream.


“We have tailored a lot of what we offer in the store based on what people in the community have said they wanted,” Gizelle explains. Before opening the doors, someone mentioned to Gizelle that it would be a good location to sell ice cream, so, she looked into it: “We reached out to Perry’s and they said we’d be the only vendor in the area. With us planning to open in July, it made a lot of sense to start selling ice cream.”

Also based on feedback from the neighborhood, Rooted has been holding various events in a dedicated events room, including Yoga Tuesdays and breath work classes, ice cream socials and CBD informational sessions. A recurring spoken word open mic night was recently launched in collaboration with Buffalo Wordism via the store’s Instagram profile.

“It’s non-competitive,” Gizelle notes. “If you have ever written anything down and want to say it, you can say it there. It’s a safe space.”

At the end of the day, Rooted is as eclectic as Allentown itself. Maybe because of that, Gizelle says she already feels like part of the neighborhood.

“Getting recognized around the neighborhood was a bit surprising to us,” she says. “My husband and I will go over to Café 59 and people will recognize us and say hey. It’s almost like we bought a house!”

Hours at time of publishing (Subject to change): Monday to Saturday 2 pm – 8 pm, Sunday CLOSED

Rooted Lounge

69 Allen St Buffalo, NY 14201


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