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This time I am starting the Quebec News with an announcement that is very important to upper Transylvania County. The Business Alliance of Upper Transylvania (BAUT) is a volunteer-led outreach of the Historical Lake Toxaway Foundation. Membership is free. It’s made up of “upper” Transylvania County, which includes the communities of Rosman, Balsam Grove, Quebec, Lake Toxaway and Sapphire. For more information, go to

Uncle Charlie Henderson

The following was written by Uncle Charlie Henderson, a few weeks before his 100th birthday, October, 1973: If I mistake not, it was in the year 1885 when I was 12 years that father discovered a number of logs in the old Tom Cantrell building were badly decayed. So father decided to tear down the old log building and move it down on Panther Branch right where Oscar “Rabbit” Henderson’s house now stands. Uncle Charlie Henderson (the first Uncle Charlie) had moved from Indian Creek down to Cathey’s Creek. So father got his house to move into while tearing down and moving our own house. But about the time father got the wall of his house up, Uncle Charlie sent us word he was going to move back home, so we had to vacate his house immediately. We then moved into a little pole cabin school house out on the public road. We were now fairing but “meager.” So just as soon as father got a roof on his house we moved into it. There was no chimney and only a dirt floor. If this had been in the summer, it would not have been so bad, but it was in the very middle of winter.

One afternoon a heavy bank of clouds came rolling up from the West. Louisa said it’s going to come a big snow – just look at those clouds. By night the whole elements were covered with heavy snow clouds. Next morning we found the snow was 12 inches deep and “gee Whiz” how cold. It remained almost zero weather some time and in a few days it dropped down another big snow on the first one. In fact, it kept on snowing every few days till the snow was 33 inches deep.

At this time the only live stock we had was a bunch of sheep we kept in a covered pen about one-half a mile from the house. It was Kennedy’s job to feed and water those sheep twice a day. and walking one-half a mile in a 33-inch snow was almost death on the spot. When Kennedy got to the sheep pen his face was covered with sweat in zero weather.

Of course we had to cut all our firewood and carry it on our shoulders to keep a fire going all the time in the opening left for a fireplace. The womenfolk had to do all their cooking on these open camp fires.

I don’t know that we could have endured all these hardships and privations had it not been for the assurance of better days ahead. We knew that spring was just around the corner.

As soon as warm weather came and the snow got off the ground, father got Old Uncle John Whitmire to come and build a large stone chimney on the north side of the house. Father managed some way to get rough lumber and put a floor in the building, He also rived long boards and lined all the cracks in the log building so that when winter came again we were as “snug as a bug in the rug”.

The great Apostle Paul often went out and watched those Grecians in the foot races for a worldly prize. While practicing they would fasten weights on their ankles till they got ready to run for the prize. They would then lay the weight aside so they could “pick ‘um up and put ‘um down in a hurry.” The great Apostle Paul compared these weights to our sins. He said he let us lay aside every weight and the sin that doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

Paul never worried about his past life. He said he was always forgetting the things of the past and pressing on toward the map for the prize. That prize for Paul was the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus.

We should never sit down and brood and worry over the mistakes of our past lives but should always be like the great Apostle Paul looking and planning, and longing and working for the better things of life. This was the awful winter of 1885.


The McNeely family spent time at Edisto Beach during spring break. Ella Grace McNeely finished 2nd in the 100m and 5th her first time in a 200m race. These races were in Cherokee competing against several larger schools. Ella Grace is going to leave her mark on Quebec. Congratulations to Thomas and Rachel Kirkman on the birth of their daughter. Thomas is the grandson of Doris Waldrop. This is Doris’s first great grandchild.

My husband, Don, and I also just got our third great grandchild – a daughter to Erin Henderson, who lives in Texas. Her name is Penelope Jane Henderson.

Jeanette Mason and two of her children and their families enjoyed a week in North Myrtle Beach earlier this month.

A group of family and friends, including myself, traveled to Cherryville this past weekend for the memorial service for Lois Fisher Owen. Lois grew up in Quebec and after college she moved away to pursue her career.

Continue to pray for Lisa Fisher. She had surgery on Friday to correct a problem with a broken arm.

Sometimes people move away and slip from our minds. Randy Persons grew up in Quebec and would have graduated from Rosman High in 1983. His family moved before he graduated. We received word recently that Randy passed away.

Taylor Bennett visited her parents, David and Debi Whitmire, over Easter weekend. Taylor lives in Westfield, North Carolina.

Church News

Faith Easter celebrated with an egg hunt on Good Friday. Chef Donna Gravely provided a nice cook out for everyone. Jami Reese shared a devotion with Resurrection Eggs and the kids found around 500 candy filled eggs. Breakfast was served on Easter morning followed by the morning worship service. Special music was provided by Betty McCall and a sign language song by Elizabeth. On April 24 Rex Galloway was the guest speaker and his wife, Grace, provided special music.

The marriage class continues to meet on the second and fourth Sunday evenings. Dates for May possibly will change due to Mother’s Day. Watch FB for the announcement. The senior ministry will be May 1 at 4:30 pm All seniors are invited for this fellowship time.

On May 8, Rommel Reyes, who is supported by the church in his Philippine ministry, will be visiting. Sunday School starts at 10 am each Sunday followed by worship at 11 am Wednesday evening Bible study is at 7 pm

Oak Grove was very pleased with the attendance for their sun rise service. Oak Grove members provided breakfast for teachers and workers at TC Henderson School on April 22.

Sunday School starts at 10 am and worship at 11 am Wednesday evening Bible study starts with a lite meal at 6 pm and the study beings at 6:45 pm

School News

May Day Festival will be May 6th. This festival has gone on for years and always looked forward to by everyone.

Club News

Highway 64 has been opened up recently by a very efficient DOT tree cutting crew. Many thanks for opening up the scenery and making 64 safer.

The Transylvania Hunger Coalition will be at the community center Thursday, April 28, from 2:30 pm until 4 pm

Stephen Matadobra from Transylvania County Master Gardeners gave a very interesting presentation at our last meeting. He will be having other speakers of interest in the future. Check our news for announcements. The next meeting will be May 10 at 6 pm

To rent the center call Ann Hendrix 828.862.4974.


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