Ranking NPC Traders In 7 Days To Die

The traders of indie zombie survival game 7 Days To Die are an important part of the game experience, functioning as shopkeepers, buyers, quest givers and if you’re playing solo, the closest thing you have to companionship in the post-zombie apocalypse.

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Though they function nearly identically, save for a few differences in what they stock, they’re definitely not created equally and the first trader you’re assigned in the tutorial mission has the potential to affect your game because of what they have and possibly because you hate their guts. So, if you want to know which of them are the best business partners, what they’re most likely to have, and which ones you’d shoot if you could, here they are, ranked.


5/5 rect

This guy is the worst. Like, it’s not like you should expect good customer service after the zombie-induced collapse of society, but some basic decency would be nice. Nope, you get nothing in the way of social kindness from this guy. He berates you, insults you and, at times, even threatens you, like when he says he’ll shoot you or break your neck. He does n’t even have a kind word to spare for you when you complete his missions.

Worse yet, his alleged specialty is seeds and food, which is hinted at in his farm attire, but according to research by 7 Days To Die YouTuber Guns, Nerds, and Steel, though Rekt is coded for it, he never carries seeds and hardly Carries more food than the other traders. If you get this guy as your first trader, either complete the mission and then go look for another trader, or just start a new game.

4/5 bob

Likely the greasiest man in all of Navezgane, behind all that grime is a heart of gold. He’ll welcome you to his store and is kind and patient through all your transactions, showing that a little dirt should n’t get in the way of hospitality.

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Besides, he’s got a reason to be greasy — the man’s a mechanic. This is reflected in his specialty, which is vehicle parts, including rare parts that can otherwise only be crafted, such as parts for the Gyrocopter. He also specializes in tools, which are handy for gathering more specialized bits and bobs. While early on the parts aren’t super useful while you’re just trying to survive, you’ll want Bob in your corner at some point when you decide that you want to do some traveling. In the meantime, if you don’t want to have to luck into some tools, just buy them from your friend Bob.

3/5 Hugh

Though he’s almost as mean as Rekt, Hugh at least looks cool, embodying the concept of an aloof mountain man who survived the apocalypse alone with a stockpile of weapons and a distrust of other people. He’s slightly less hostile than Rekt and gives off the impression that he just wants to be left alone.

What he’s got is well worth dealing with his salty personality, since he specializes in weapons, something you’ll want and need if you don’t fancy regularly being Zombie Feast™ brand zombie food. While you can luck into some early firearms or melee weapons normally, chances are, for the first few in-game days, buying a weapon from a trader is one of the most reliable ways to get some real firepower, which Hugh can provide.

2/5 joel

One of the friendliest faces in the wasteland, Joel is equal parts mountain man, cowboy and teddy bear. He’s always happy to see you and even in your first meeting, he’ll regard you as a friend. He’s probably the kind of guy you’ll want watching your back after the zombie end times. Also, he’s based on one of the devs, who goes by FunPimp Joel.

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He specializes in armor and clothing, which might not seem important if you’re extra cautious and don’t let the zombies land hits, and you luck into the right kind of clothing for the biome you’re in. But, nonetheless, he’s useful as zombies get stronger, and it gets harder to keep your insides, well, inside. Plus, he might help you complete your armor set if he happens to have the missing pieces. You might as well look good in the post-apocalypse

1/5 Jen

Lost and alone in the zombie post-apocalypse, Jen is a sight for sore eyes after wandering around trying to complete your tutorial mission, so count your lucky stars if she’s who you get as your first trader. Jen is a nice middle ground in terms of social nicety when compared with all the other traders. She she’s kind and polite, but she’ll also sass you and has some lines that are funny at your expense. All in good fun, of course.

She’s a medical doctor, which is reflected by her medical and pharmaceutical stock. Not only does she have health items like first aid bandages and first aid kits, but she also stocks the fun stuff, namely stat-boosting drugs like Fort Bites, Recog or just good-old fashioned booze. Truly, she’s the perfect wasteland companion.

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