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I’m old enough to remember when almonds were a novelty.

Almonds in the shell usually were the more difficult to crack among the unshelled mixed nuts in Christmas gift baskets or available by the scoop in grocery stores. My brother and I in the 1970s were masters with the pecans and walnuts, but we struggled to crack the almonds and dig out the raw nut.

Those bins went away as public hygiene and food contamination became an issue. Thank goodness.

Today almonds are available in several easy-to-use forms, including almond butter and almond milk, from not just health food stores but also grocery and convenience stores.

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Almonds have a lot of fans, no matter the health-conscious regimen being followed. In a nutshell (see what I did there?), here are the benefits of almonds, according to a summary from the Almond Board of California’s website

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