Seniority Rules: Senior Takes on Cornell Dining

As my first semester at Cornell wanes, I have had moments where I felt like I have known everything about dining here. I can proudly say that I have been to most of the dining halls and eateries on or around campus. But alas, I am only a freshman. Many seniors — those who have braved the Ithaca winter for four years, somehow continued to go back to Okenshields repeatedly and have experienced everything that Cornell has thrown at them, are the ones with the actual knowledge. Although the COVID-19 era of Cornell Dining may taint their opinions, I decided to sit down with a few to hear their views on Cornell Dining eateries around campus.

First, I asked Jasper Weed ’21, majoring in information science and philosophy, to provide a run-through of his experience in the dining halls as a Cornell student.

“Freshman year, Robert Purcell Community Center actually wasn’t bad if you knew the right things to get,” Weed said. “The pizza is the main thing that people talk about, but I actually thought it was pretty mediocre. The stir fry is very solid, great-tasting and pretty filling. I would give RPCC a 6.5/10.”

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