Ten things Costco is discontinuing – including a breakfast favorite, why you need to act now to get them

COSTCO fans may soon find something different about the grocery aisles at their favorite grocery chain – and it may force changes in your shopping habits.

The big box retailer is discontinuing ten things, including an item that’s a breakfast favorite in many homes across the country.


Pinnacle Foods Log Cabin Original Syrup is becoming discontinued at Costco along with several other popular itemsCredits: Getty

Don’t panic if you are a regular shopper at Costco.

There’s still time to bulk up if you find one of the items being axed impact your regular grocery list.

Though it’s a pain – it is quite common for items at stores to get phased out in favor of other alternatives.

Changes could be due to vendor agreements and seasonal shifts, but also due to operational factors.

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Each retailer like Walmart, Target and others have their own method of indicating that certain items will no longer be carried in its store.

For Costco, the items earmarked were spotted by Eat This Not That with the “death star,” which refers to an asterisk used by the retail giant to highlight discontinuation of an item.

The marking means that at least through the rest of the current season (whatever that may be) the item will not be available in its stores.

Unfortunately, in the worst case, items flagged with the death star disappear to NEVER return.

Here’s a list of ten items that are being “shelved,” so to speak, and that you and your family will have to say goodbye to this fall, per Eat This and Youtube content creator Gina.

Hershey's sells a range of syrups, but its Simply 5 Syrup is getting the boot at Costco


Hershey’s sells a range of syrups, but its Simply 5 Syrup is getting the boot at CostcoCredits: Getty

1. Hershey’s Simply 5 Syrup

Say it ain’t so! The rich and decadent Hershey’s Simply 5 Syrup is getting pulled from the rack.

is a spin-off on the brand’s classic chocolate syrup made with just five ingredients, including sugar, organic syrup, water, cocoa, and natural vanilla flavor.

If you seen any packs left on the shelf, members can snag them for $10.69.

2. Kinder’s Mild Organic BBQ Sauce

This item also set to disappear was revealed in another video, this time from YouTuber Linda’s Savings.

However, you may purchase the two-pack for $10 while supplies last.

A longtime breakfast favorite - Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats is also being discontinued at the big box retailer


A longtime breakfast favorite – Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats is also being discontinued at the big box retailerCredits: Getty

3. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats

A fan favorite that has been around for a really long time is also on the way out. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats is getting the boot.

Gina’s video showed the 70-ounce boxes, which include two bags of the beloved cereal, being sold for $8.99.

4. Log Cabin Original Syrup

Log Cabin Original Syrup, which came in packs of two 64-ounce jugs is also getting the cold shoulder.

Customers can currently buy the product at Costco for $7.49 each, while supplies last.

5. Lemon Muffins

The Costco bakery will soon cease operations of their classic Lemon Muffins.

That news was delivered by The Deal Guy in a YouTube post.

6. Dumplings

You can also kiss another perennial favorite goodbye.

Pulmuone Chicken Dumplings are also reportedly being kicked to the curb, as well as the Pulmuone Thai Basil Dumpling.

7. Roncadin Sopressata Pizza

Apparently it’s not true that you can never get enough pizza. Instagrammer @costco.hotbuys added this item to the list of things to which we will have to soon say sayonara.

If you still find it, it’s going for $11.97 and is a quick alternative to having to slave over the kitchen stove to get dinner on the table

8. Drinks and Condiments

A range of drinks and sauces are also on the chopping block, including:

  • Kohana Organic Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate
  • Kirkland Signature Strawberry Margarita made with Gold Tequila
  • Carapelli Unfiltered Organic EV Olive Oil

9. Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

Some cold and frozen foods also failed to make the cut:

  • Just Cook ABF Lemon Herb Chicken Thigh
  • Calle Sabor Sofrito Chicken Thigh
  • Pescanova Citrus Herb Shrimp
  • Eli’s S’mores Squares

10. Salty and Sweet Snacks

And you may need something else to satisfy that craving if any of the items listed below are one of your go-to treats:

  • Nature’s Intent Seed & Nut Keto Bombs
  • Clif Bar Builder’s Variety Protein Bars
  • Wonderful Pistachios Chili Roasted Kernels
  • Hoody’s Keto Coconut Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
  • Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bars, 20 Count
  • Kellog’s Scooby-Doo Grahams
  • Schwartz Bros Organic Everything Bagel Chips
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