The X-Men’s Most Disturbing Mutant of All Time Finally Makes Their Return

spoilers for Knights of X #5 ahead!

The final issue of Knights of X seensthe return of one of the X-Men’s most disturbing mutants in Marvel Comics history, a hilarious young woman who goes by “Soft Serve” and has the gross but incredibly power to… poop out any flavor of ice cream. Yes, you read that right, Soft Serve’s sole mutant ability is to defecate ice cream, controlling the flavor she creates and how much she serves, making her a mutant with pretty much zero inherent fighting capabilities. However, that did not stop the character’s creator, the artist Bob Quinn, from inserting Soft Serve into the massive final battle in Otherworld between Captain Britain and her Knights of X against the evil wizard Merlyn .


Soft Serve, who has not been given a “human name” yet, was first created by artist Bob Quinn years ago as a fan fiction mutant, but Quinn was finally able to establish her as canon when he inserted her in a background scene of Way of X #2. First announcing her appearance on Twitter in 2021, Quinn shared a hilariously gross image of Soft Serve holding her ice cream and saying, “No Professor Xavier… I poop ice cream… I poop ice cream better than anyone.” Now Soft Serve’s legacy has continued in Knights of X #5, written by Tini Howard. Hilariously, in between Soft Serve’s first appearance and her most recent, the gross but already iconic mutant was brought up by none other than the X-Men member Forge. Of X-Men Vol. 6 #8 Forge says to Cyclops, “Did you know one of us makes ice cream, Scott? It’s the best damn ice cream I’ve ever had.” Unlike Way of X or Knights of Xthis X-Men issue was not illustrated by Bob Quinn, meaning Soft Serve has been elevated from a funny Easter egg mutant into a full-blown, well-known citizen of Krakoa.

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Knights of X #5 is the finale to the Knights of X series, and sees the Siege Perilous turned into a magical gateway between Krakoa and Otherworld. This finally lets the X-Men crossover into the mystical realm to back up Captain Britain and her Knights as they fight and defeat Merlyn and his dark army. After the debut of the issue Bob Quinn posted to Twitter, “Deep in the background… Soft Serve: The Legend Continues.” Indeed, the incredibly small Soft Serve can be seen in the hugely detailed double-page spread of the final battle against Merlyn, revealing Soft Serve to be an almost Where’s Waldo-esque hidden Easter egg.

When asked on Twitter how her digestive system works (let’s be honest, this power raises dozens of questions about this young woman’s day-to-day life), Quinn first said she has “very different plumbing” to that of a regular human. Quinn quickly retconned this position, saying that she is in fact a living portal to the “ice cream,” which is where all her ice cream truly comes from. To make the legacy of Soft Serve even more hilarious, she is not even the first ice cream-based mutant. That honor goes to “Eye-Scream,” a mutant who debuted in 1983 and can turn himself into any flavor of ice cream. Quinn confirmed on Twitter that Soft Serve and Eye-Scream are not related, but Soft Serve looks up to and admires Eye-Scream immensely.

The X-Men have come across many ridiculous mutants in their decades of publication at Marvel Comicsbut few have been so hilarious and gross as Bob Quinn’s Soft Servea young mutant who will hopefully be explored in great detail on a future X-Men team, perhaps on a mission to the Ice Cream Dimension.

Knights of X #5 is available now in stores!

Source: Bob Quinn