Thursday Good News Roundup: #MAGAlarkey and Ice Cream


FiveThirtyEight: 60 Percent Of Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall

with maps.

There are a lot of election deniers on the ballot. out of 529 total Republican nominees running for office, we found 196 who fully denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election. These candidates either clearly stated that the election was stolen from Trump or took legal action to overturn the results, such as voting not to certify election results or joining arguments that sought to overturn the election.

New Mexico banishes Trump ally from office for insurrection

A New Mexico state district court judge on Tuesday disqualified county commissioner and Cowboys for Trump cofounder Couy Griffin from holding public office for engaging in insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The judgment from state District Court Judge Francis Mathew permanently bars Griffin from federal and local public office. It amid a spate of arrived arguments aimed at sidelining political candidates and elected officials linked to the Capitol riots.

good. That’s one. Let’s see what happens to the others.

Newly obtained surveillance video shows fake Trump elector escorted operatives into Georgia county’s elections office before voting machine breach

In the surveillance video, which was obtained by CNN, Cathy Latham, a former GOP chairwoman of Coffee County who is under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector in 2020, escorts a team of pro-Trump operatives to the county’s elections office on January 7, 2021, the same day a voting system there is known to have been breached.

The two men seen in the video with Latham, Scott Hall and Paul Maggio, have acknowledged that they successfully gained access to a voting machine in Coffee County at the behest of Trump lawyer Sidney Powell.

Scoop: McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” ​​rollout

McCarthy “Commitment to America” as described on MSNBC

  • Election security (against Ds cheating by GOTV)
  • Economy (It’s all lies! In any case, they never paid me!—BBC Goon Show)
  • “Free Speech” in education (but not for anyone telling the truth)
  • Oversight (Lock! Them! Up!)

Yes, they should all be committed.

Hillary Clinton says Trump led ‘seditious conspiracy’ against US government

Clinton tells CBS she never thought to ‘claim victory’ in 2016 despite calling Trump an ‘illegitimate president’

Repeated by Fox News! Nobody can tell her she isn’t allowed to say such things any more. Molly Ivins got there first, of course.

Poster for the movie "Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins"
Molly Ivins can’t say that—Can she?–Billboard advertising each column

Forbes: Trump Kept Foreign Nuclear Secrets At Mar-A-Lago, Report Claims

More specifically, secrets about another country’s nuclear capabilities. But we haven’t been told which country.

Beau of the Fifth Column—Let’s talk about Trump’s nuclear documents

Bannon Indicted in NY State

Due to surrender to authorities today.

Bannon was involved in fundraising for “building a big beautiful wall” (guess who said that) under the auspice of We Build the Wall Inc.

His co-conspirators, Brian Kolfage and Andrew Badolato, pleaded guilty to the Federal charges that Bannon was originally indicted for in April in the Southern District of NY. They weren’t as lucky to receive a Presidential pardon as Mr Bannon, as much as they may have believed that absolute loyalty to Trump would be rewarded. They were due to be sentenced today (Sept 6), but I have not read how that worked out for them. But in a plea agreement Kolfage agreed to serve 51 — 63 months.

ADL Center on Extremism report on 38,000 Oath Keepers

The Oath Keepers Data Leak: Unmasking Extremism in Public Life

  • 373 in law enforcement
  • 117 in US military
  • 81 holding or running for public office

To hear them tell it, you would think they had many thousands of infiltrators, and that most of law enforcement and the military were sympathizers.



Mike Seeger on jaw harp – Old Blind Drunk John (Fooba Wooba)

Burl Ives cleaned up his version for the kiddies.

Hey, John, ho, John, fubba wubba John.

Regular News

Putin is desperate for friends, including North Korea.

Russia is purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea, US official says

UN Inspectors call for “security protection zone” at Zaporizhzhia power plant

The nuclear watchdog agency, which will later brief the UN Security Council, said that shelling around the Zaporizhzhia complex should be “stopped immediately.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency calls for a ‘safety and security protection zone’ at the Zaporizhzhia plant.

Ukraine seeks a safe route for civilians wanting to flee the region of an embattled nuclear plant.


Water disasters are not Good News. Finding out and starting to fix them after decades of racist neglect is.

Mississippi Says Water Pressure Has Been Restored in Jackson, But Boil-Water Advisory Still in Effect

In a statement, Jackson said leaders at OB Curtis Water Plant “held steady overnight” and into the morning, with the plant’s output meeting the city’s goal of 87 pounds per square inch (PSI).

“All of Jackson should now have pressure, and most are now experiencing normal pressure,” the city said while noting that “additional challenges as repairs and adjustments are made leave potential for fluctuations in progress.”

Despite the progress, Jackson’s boil-water advisory remains in effect. According to CNN, the city needs to collect two rounds of clear water samples to end the advisory, and they hope to begin testing in the next few days.

Odessa, Texas Residents Help Each Other Overcome Water Shortage After System Breaks amid Heat Wave

Temperatures reached 100 degrees in the city as water remained off for more than two days due to the “major” water main break

Baltimore Sun: Latest updates: Where to get water, areas affected, and more after E. coli found in Baltimore water

The Guardian: Toxic arsenic levels make tap water unsafe for thousands in New York City

Residents of one of the largest public housing complexes in Manhattan have not had safe drinking water for more than a week


Tom Paxton, Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band
w/m: Tom Paxton
© 2001 Pax Music (ASCAP)

I heard it on the radio, on Prairie Home Companion, but I can’t find a performance on the Interwebs.

U! S! A!

Biden cabinet meeting about recent successes


Unlike TFG, who used such a meeting to extract fulsome and nauseating “Dear Leader” praise from his devoted but totally transactional paskudnyaks, Biden took the opportunity to praise his team for their hard work and their many contributions to OUR recent successes.

I’m incredibly optimistic about the future that we’re building here in this country, but it requires solid work making these laws work.

As Trillian put it in HHGTTG,

We have normality. Anything that you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.

NBC News poll

The most important issue facing the country is:
Threats to Democracy 21%
Cost of living 16%
Jobs and the economy 14%
Immigration/Situation at the border 13%
Climate Change 9%
guns 8%
abortion 8%
Crime 6%

Rs are losing on every one of those issues.

Good News Thursday: They Smashed the Overton Window to Flinders

MSNBC: Congress returns: 5 things on lawmakers’ to-do list ahead of the midterm elections

  • avoiding a government shutdown
  • protection legal [Marriage Equality]
  • Tightening election laws to prevent coups
  • Finishing the January 6 investigation
  • Confirming more judges

Any of those could be a whole Diary, and will be, here in GNR or elsewhere on DK.

There is reasonable hope for limited R cooperation on the first two, because total intransigence there would heat up the midterms against them even more.

And then Congress has to break for campaigning throughout October up to #Roevember 8.

Will there be a self-inflicted October Surprise from Wrong-Wingers?

Watch this space.

In the meantime, the Obamas were at the White House, where Biden hosted their glorious official portrait unveilings, which TFG refused to host or even allow, Boo! Feel!

A song that McCartney said he had been itching to do back in the day.

Science! Animals! Weirdness!

Today including political-historical #MAGAlarkey weirdness.

The map of historical horrors is shown 23 seconds in. Cue CRT catering.


#Indivisible #TruthBrigade: Focused on my freedom! we. Won’t. go. back.

Indivisible Truth Brigade banner: Focused on My Freedom.  we.  Won't.  go.  back.

An axolotl! (/ˈæksəlɒthand/; from Classical Nahuatl: āxōlōtl [aːˈʃoːloːtɬ](listen))

Single-cell analyzes of axolotl telencephalon organization, neurogenesis, and regeneration

Cell-type profiling in salamanders identifies innovations in forebrain evolution

funny or cry

The World Turned Upside Down

no image description available
Cartoon about mainstream media criticism of Biden's Philadelphia speech warning about threats to democracy
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