Weight gain powder for women also helps in increasing muscle mass

On the issue of weight, there is usually a consensus that men and women want to “lose” it. Obesity is one of the most widespread diseases affecting millions across the globe. There are any number of powders, drinks, diet plans etc that sell us the promise of weight loss. Women tend to be much more particular about gaining weight. It must come as a surprise to many that there are some cases where there is a demand for weight gain. And imagine the wonder when people know that there are women who actually want to gain weight!

Turns out it is a fact. There are many women, who can be categorized as thin or frail and would definitely want to gain weight. There are powders available in the market that do just that – help women gain weight. However, before one imagines a thin woman transformed into a chubby version of her own self, one needs to know that these supplements can help in gaining muscle mass too.

Now, if you are looking for options, then exploring Amazon won’t be a bad idea. We have curated a list which you should definitely take a look at.

Dr.NUTRA Women’s Weight Gainer

This powder works very well in not only helping women gain weight but it helps increase muscle mass in the body. It is particularly good for giving a boost to breast muscle. This chocolate flavored powder, which is consumed as a drink, also helps decrease hair fall. It is made of Whey protein, milk protein and soy. The first helps in increasing strength and gaining muscle mass while seeing a reduction of flab. The second serves many benefits for health while milk protein aids in muscle growth and in strengthening bones.

Mypro Sport Nutrition High Protein Women Weight Gainer

This dietary supplement comes packed with 24 vital nutrients and three best quality proteins. This chocolate-flavoured weight gainer powder also contains Aguaje fruit extract (for the uninitiated, Aguaje is an Amazonian fruit which contains a high presence of vitamin C and is known for its abolity to help absorb iron and calcium into the body). Regular consumption of this powder can give you muscle mass and healthy curves.

Develo Weight Mass Gainer Protein Shake Powder

This nutritional food supplement is a healthy way to gain body weight. This is a health drink (available as a powder) that gives natural fat energy. As it comes in Kesar and Badam flavour, it is also very nice to taste. The makers claim that it has been specially for women and girls as per RDA and ICMR guidelines of 2010. Regular consumption gives one extra 500 calories per day which, in turn, helps one gain up to one pound per week.

Nutrela Weight Gain – Banana Flavor

This weight gain supplement comes in Banana flavor and is a purely vegetarian product. Available in the form of a powder, this supplement has been so34 to deliver highest calorie 38 Kcal per serving for optimum weight gain. This is a balanced formulation that helps all the nutrients to get all the nutrients (20g), complex carbohydrates (66.6g), fats (8g) and 52 essential nutrients (11 natural herbs, 12 minerals, 11 bio fermented vitamins and added glutamine) ).

Floral Nutrition High Protein Women Weight Gainer

This powder is not simply about gaining weight; instead it is more about building body muscle mass in women and improving shape. This chocolate flavored powder also helps in muscle growth, metabolism management and energy management. This weight gainer powder has a balanced blend of three high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, 25 vital vitamins and minerals and heavy-reach fats.

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