Where to find a meal for $10 in State College, Pennsylvania

Yallah Taco, seen in this 2020 file photo, is one of several options in State College where diners can find a bite for $10 or less before tax and tip.

Yallah Taco, seen in this 2020 file photo, is one of several options in State College where diners can find a bite for $10 or less before tax and tip.


If you feel like you’re spending more on food, you’re not alone.

A Consumer Price Index report released Aug. 10 showed prices as a whole have stayed the same in July on a seasonally adjusted basis. But while the gasoline index dropped by 7.7%, inflation continued to affect food costs.

The food index rose by 1.1%, and the food at home index increased by 1.3%, suggesting grocery prices may be spiking at a higher rate.

Eating at restaurants is not accessible to everyone, but there are options in the State College area that are less pricey than others. Many are near Penn State, and a variety of cuisines are available, including tacos, cheesesteaks, pizza and more.

Here are five restaurants in the State College area where you can get a meal for $10 or less, before tax and tip. Source links for menu and pricing information are included, and prices may vary depending on if you order directly from a restaurant or from a third-party service.

Yallah Taco

This taco shop has plenty of menu items under $10, plus Monday and Tuesday specials. You can also get discounts by ordering through the Snackpass app.

Here are some of the $10 and under items you can order from Yallah Taco:

  • $5 Breakfast quesadilla

  • $4 One street-style taco

  • $7 Two street-style tacos or two taquitos

  • $8 Classic burrito, quesadilla or rice bowl

  • $10 Nachos Supreme

Location: 217 McAllister Alley, State College, PA 16801

Pita Cabana Grill

Pita Cabana Grill serves appetizers, soup, salads, sandwiches and more.

Here are some of the things you can get for $10 or less:

  • $4 One taco

  • $4.95 Lentil soup or tabouli salad

  • $7 Two tacos

  • $7.95 Greek salad

  • $9.95 Falafel sandwich or granada chicken sandwich

  • $10 Rice bowl or three tacos

Location: 334 E. Calder Way, State College, PA 16801

Lychee Chinese Restaurant

Lychee Chinese Restaurant offers egg rolls and other dishes for less than $10, including:

  • $2 Pork Egg Roll

  • $2.25 Shrimp egg roll

  • $2.50 Cheese steak egg roll

  • $3.25 Two spring rolls

  • $5.95 Ten Chinese donuts; vegetable fried rice

  • $6.50: Eight crab rangoons; teriyaki chicken; six fried dumplings; or 10 fried wontons

Location: 1341 S. Atherton St., State College, PA 16801

Brothers Pizza

For pizza by the slice, salads, subs and burgers, check out Brothers Pizza. Here’s a sample of what you can get for $10 or less there:

  • $2.25 Slice of Cheese Pizza

  • $3.75 Slice of specialty pizza

  • $5 Seasonal bowl of soup or tossed salad

  • $7.50 Small cheese pizza

  • $8.50 Small white pizza (ricotta, mozzarella, tomato and onions)

  • $9 Italian, raw and provolone or veggie and provolone sub

Location: Brothers Pizza has locations in Snow Shoe, Port Matilda and State College. The State College restaurant is at 231 Northland Center, State College, PA 16803.

Bradley’s Cheesesteak & Hoagies

This locally owned cheesesteak shop has been around since 2008 and offers plenty of options at $10 or less. Here’s what you can order:

  • $4 Grilled cheese

  • $5 BLT grilled cheese or tuna melt

  • $7.50 Veggie cheesesteak, mixed cheese hoagie

  • $8 Buffalo tender sandwich, Italian hoagie or raw hoagie

  • $8.75 Reuben cheesesteak

  • $9 Club Hoagie

Location: 1669 N. Atherton St., State College, PA 16803

Meredith Howard is a service journalist with the Belleville News-Democrat. She is a Baylor University graduate and has previously freelanced with the Illinois Times and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.