Why you should cook with less oil during a global shortage

The world is facing a sunflower oil shortage as a consequence of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. As a result, low supplies of this popular cooking oil is affecting consumers and businesses alike, with many shoppers panic-buying, and major UK supermarkets forced to limit purchases to just two bottles. Reportedly, some restaurants in Germany have even stopped selling french fries due to the oil scarcity.

So why exactly is there a sunflower oil shortage? About 80% of sunflower oil exports come from Russia and Ukraine who are one of the biggest edible oil producers in the world. Since the war, tensions on the Black Sea have disrupted trade which have resulted in low supplies of all cooking oils. What’s more, the price of cooking oils were already sky-high even before the war, and even higher now with the demand for alternative oils such as rapeseed, palm and soybean.

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